Wondering what our new name means for you?  Find answers to common questions below.

Will anything change with the way you are engaging my leads?

No, our process is the same as it was before!

Will anything change with the way you are receiving my leads?

No, we will continue to receive your leads as normal.

Did your company get acquired?

Nope! Our company has the same owners as before, David & Avi Tal, and we are still located in sunny San Diego

Will anything change on my Agentology dashboard?

Other than a cool new name & logo, everything else will remain the same!

Where do I go to log in?

Please login using the same username and password, but the link will change to app.verse.io . The agentology.com URLs will all forward to their respective pages correctly, so no need to worry if you have links bookmarked or saved!

Should I expect any changes if I am sending leads via Zapier?

You will notice our new name and logo, but you won’t need to change anything