How Our Customers Use Verse

We Engage and Qualify New Leads

Maximize the value of every lead with instant engagement and relentless follow-up using a multi-channel approach.

  • Be the first to contact every lead, 24/7/365
  • Collect lead data and pass it back to your sales team or CRM
  • Seamlessly integrates with any CRM to dramatically reduce sales team workload

We Re-Engage Stale Leads

Increase engagement with existing leads at opportune moments in the sales cycle.

  • Reconnect with leads on their time and terms
  • Reintroduce stale leads to your brand and how you can help them achieve their goals
  • Let people know about exciting new products or service offerings

We Connect Hot Leads via Live Transfer

When a lead is hot and ready to talk, we live transfer them to your team or call center.

  • Drive more sales calls with hot leads who are ready to take the next step
  • Reduce cost by only focusing on incoming calls from qualified prospects
  • Flexible framework runs in parallel with call center or triggered based on rules

Ready? Let’s Go!

We’re ready to drive engagement for your leads and produce results for your team.