Now works with

Royal LePage has partnered with Verse to supercharge their platform with world class lead engagement and qualification. Verse’s trained concierge team is here 24/7 to engage and qualify every lead and only connect you to motivated prospects who are ready to talk now.

Features that help you work smarter

24/7 Instant Response

Instant lead response that continues 24/7/365 so you never miss an opportunity.

Live Transfers

We’ll connect you in real-time when we have a hot lead on the line who’s ready to talk.

Appointment Booking

Our team will book appointments directly on your calendar.

Long Term Nurture

If we don’t hear back we’ll continue contacting leads for up to 6 months.

Smart Cadence

We engage your leads based on data – from best channel to time of day.

Inbound Call Support

Our team is has your back when it comes to inbound calls from hot leads.

“We’ve easily tripled our engagement rate and doubled our conversion rate with the same exact amount of leads we’ve been paying for the entire time.”