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The secret of Verse’s success and the strength of our platform is in a unique and sophisticated integration of a proprietary automation through our AI engine and highly trained human concierges.
AI + Human = Superhuman

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Unlike other vendors using canned scripts for all their customers, our AI uses scripts completely customized for each customer and with a detailed decision tree logic.

Customer Benefits:

Contacted by Verse, your leads will get an impression that they’re texting with a human ready for any turn in the conversation, not a low-grade chat bot which doesn’t waver from its prescribed script. Also, the Initial lead engagement can be customized by the source of the lead or the type of the lead to ensure that the first message that your lead receives is on brand and on target.

The platform has multiple integrations (Calendly, Oncehub, Hubspot, etc) allowing our AI and human concierges to schedule appointments for customers in their own calendars.

Customer Benefits:

Unlike many other solutions, Verse doesn’t only follow up and qualify leads. We book appointments for our customers’ teams. So, starting their work day, instead of facing multiple voicemails, emails, and web leads that they have to chase now, reps see meetings on their calendar.

The platform is now able to attach a trust level to all our customers allowing them to gain access to advanced communication services and be in compliance with multiple FCC and carrier regulations (SHAKEN/STIR, A2P, CNAM, etc). Verse propagates this customer trust to downstream partners including phone carriers and email service providers, enabling them in turn to fully trust our customers’ traffic.

Customer Benefits:

Customers vetted by Verse enjoy a high level of trust from their leads, higher response and conversion rates, getting to their best prospects ahead of the competition. Instead of being labeled as “Scam Likely” or “Spam Risk”, their calls via our platform would be labeled “Caller Verified” or with a Verified checkmark. Also, we scan our customers’ campaigns and lead lists to identify and scrub all serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs.

In their private customer portal on the platform, businesses can see all data points in one place - the number of leads received and processed by Verse, how many of them got disqualified and why, when (business hours vs after hours) and where (lead sources) these leads came from, the response timing and conversion rates, SMS chat history and call data in real-time, and much more.

Customer Benefits:

Verse doesn’t offer a “black box solution” like some other conversational AI vendors. Our platform users enjoy full transparency of the engagement with our company and visibility of their marketing campaigns. These powerful insights allow businesses not only to track the performance of their lead gen activities but learn what works and what doesn’t to inform their strategies and tactics going forward.

In addition to processing live inbound leads, our platform can help Verse customers re-engage aged leads in the company database by importing those cold leads in bulk via a quick and easy process. It’s a “set it and forget it” ingest mechanism with a big potential upside for our customers.

Customer Benefits:

Over the previous months (or even years), there’s been many prospective customers that either were not BANT ready (no budget, no need, or bad timing) or were not followed up on in a timely manner. Up to 20% of them can still be turned into new customers as witnessed by Verse customers as we were able to revive and nurture thousands of their lost sales opportunities.

What makes our platform stand out from the competition even more is our engine’s ability to tag each disqualified lead with custom dispositions provided by our customers (e.g. “no budget”, “not ready to make a decision”, “a renter, not buyer”, etc).

Customer Benefits:

Verse helps customers to see the effectiveness of each marketing channel and campaign. Our AI doesn’t just reject leads not meeting the qualification criteria, it provides granular info for the reason using the same dispositions that our customers already use in their CRM. This creates a smooth integration not only technologically but from the marketing campaign fulfillment and reporting perspective as well.

For phone calls and text messages to our customers’ leads, the platform will automatically use a phone number with the lead’s local area code. All accounts are provided with as many numbers as they need to cover their market areas. And new numbers are automatically provisioned to stay below the carrier’s threshold for the acceptable number of calls and SMS per sender per day.

Customer Benefits:

This best practice based approach to using phone numbers for lead follow-up allows Verse to better engage leads and keep customers’ reputation high with carriers.

For customers that have an inhouse or outsourced call center supporting their Marketing and Sales teams, our AI can convert inbound leads (regardless of their channel - SMS, Email, Phone) into inbound calls.

Customer Benefits:

This unique feature available from Verse allows our midmarket and enterprise customers to have a more productive call center and get a better ROI on this significant investment. Besides, this “any channel lead” conversion into an instant conversation with a company’s rep helps our customers beat the competition to the best leads.

Many conversational bots pass to customer’s CRM only standard (same for each customer) info on a lead. Our AI can be programmed to create custom fields (e.g. “What’s your budget?”) with custom dispositions (e.g. “Budget under $500K, Budget $500K-1M, Budget $1M+”).

Customer Benefits:

Verse’s approach allows our larger customers to more effectively screen and assign leads to their sales reps based on the lead’s quality, location, budget, buying readiness, etc. Besides the lead details, our engine passes through all digital marketing metadata enabling Verse customers to have a full visibility of their campaigns from start to finish and effective revenue attribution,

The platform can store account ownership data from our customers’ CRM. Verse quickly deploys a solution for any company’s size and needs. For some businesses, we hold thousands of dynamic account owner records and provide automated lead assignment for their entire network of agents (real estate, insurance, etc).

Customer Benefits:

Verse understands that generating leads is only half the battle. After we engage and qualify them for our customers, qualified leads must be delivered to the right sales reps. Our AI live transfers leads and notifies reps directly, on the fly, without the need for individual user accounts for each sales rep in the company. Besides helping businesses, small and large, keep their sales teams happy, our product helps them increase the conversion rates and accelerate the sales cycle.

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