Verse has an affordable plan to convert your leads.

People + Platform

Whether you’re a large company generating thousands of leads a month, or a small to medium-sized company generating dozens or hundreds, Verse has a plan that will work for your business.


Up to 250 Leads

 24/7 Lead Engagement

 Up to 1 Month Nurture

 Personalized Templates

 3 Local Numbers Included

 New Leads Only


Up to 500 Leads

 24/7 Lead Engagement

 Up to 3 Month Nurture

 3 Fully Custom Campaigns

 10 Local Numbers Included

 New + Aged/Database Leads

 Calendar Appt Setting

 Live Call Transfers


Up to 1,000 Leads

 24/7 Lead Engagement

 Up to 6 Month Nurture

 Unlimited Campaigns

 Unlimited Local Numbers*

 New + Aged/Database Leads

 Calendar Appt Setting

 Live Call Transfers

CNAM Caller ID

 Known Litigator # Blocking


More than 5,000 leads/mo?

Let’s customize a package that makes sense for you.

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