Verse Conversion Cloud™ + Human Touch = Super Conversion

Verse’s AI-driven multi-channel conversation platform pairs respectful, persistent text-first contact and follow-up campaigns with genuine human interaction at just the right moments from our highly trained concierge team to connect with and qualify your hottest prospects.

Verse Conversion Cloud™

The Verse Conversion Cloud™ is a custom, cloud software solution that powers Verse’s ability to generate world-class results in lead conversion for our customers. It utilizes:

Conversation Engine


A 2-Way SMS / phone / email conversation engine that combines AI, natural-language understanding, and lead scoring for conducting automated, timely, authentic, and contextually relevant conversations with leads, quickly and at scale.

Lead Nurturing Engine


A lead nurturing engine to track lead scores, determine contact cadence, direct the conversation engine, and determine the timing for handoffs to a Verse human concierge or one of your sales representatives.

Real-time Response Dashboard


Real-Time Customer Dashboard with complete visibility into conversations, complete contact histories, and relevant insights.

Our concierge team for a genuine human touch at the right moment

The Verse Conversion Cloud™ identifies when a potential customer wants to interact, and a Verse concierge slides into the conversation quickly and smoothly to provide human touch at just the right moments. All our concierges receive regular, world-class training in how to connect with leads, represent your brand well, and carry on friendly, authentic conversations to answer questions, gather qualifying information, and handoff to your sales teams.

Easy Integrations Via Zapier APIs

Our onboarding team will set everything up with you quickly and easily, via Zapier plus a complete set of APIs for ingesting leads from customer lead sources and sharing data in real time with your own salespeople, dashboards, CRMs and all your other other marketing apps.

Lead Ingestion

2-Way Integration with CRMs, API, Email Parsing

ETL Data Standardization

Complete Opt-Out & TCPA Compliance Standards

Lead Cleaning for known litigators and duplicates.


Real-time sync and updates to customer’s CRM/systems with conversation history and all new data collected.

Workflow rules, status/stage updates automated

Hand off via calendar, live transfer when appropriate.

Real-Time Customer Dashboard with complete visibility into conversations, and relevant insights.

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