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Use your co-op dollars to drive more revenue

Panasonic has partnered with Verse, a leader in Solar Lead Conversion, so you can use your co-op dollars to scale your business without the high cost and stress associated with staffing your sales team.

We instantly contact every lead as they come in, 24/7

We follow-up until we make contact (for up to 6 months)

We live transfer hot prospects who are ready to talk

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Case Study

We started generating all of these leads… but didn’t have anything in place for the follow-up. We needed someone who would reach out to them immediately every time. Consumers have a short attention span, so we knew it was important. Verse got 60% of our leads to respond and then qualified 30% of them. With 60% of the leads coming in after hours, Verse really solved a problem we couldn’t solve. Now I don’t have to hire more employees! The ROI is absolutely there.”

Evan Wade | Philadelphia Mortgage See Case Study

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