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Verse is unmatched in our industry experience & reputation.  We manage millions of consumer leads a year to qualify and set appointments for the most respected mortgage and lending companies nationwide.

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Close more home loans with Verse

Keep your lenders and team working on the right prospects at the right time.  45% of consumer leads for mortgage and refinance home loans come in after hours and on weekends, when most lenders don’t respond. 

We instantly respond to new customer leads

Verse engages new leads within a minute, 24/7, and can talk to customers day or night across text, phone and email to make sure we never miss an opportunity.

We qualify the lead based on your criteria

Never waste your time.  We’ll make sure you only spend time with real people that are the right fits for your business and service area.

We book new appointments directly on your calendar

Meet new clients with confidence, knowing all your calendar appointments have been screened and ready to meet with you.

Superhuman lead follow-up

With Verse, every new lead and inquiry is instantly responded to, day or night, and we offer to call or text, and even email if they didn’t input a valid phone number.  We’ll follow up until we make contact, so we can qualify them based on your needs and criteria.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

89% of consumers prefer to text, and Verse allows them to do so, creating faster connections and a far better customer experience.

Your team will love you for it!

Chasing leads is every salesperson’s nightmare and the #1 reason for sales team burn out and low morale.  With Verse, leads are always followed up with efficiently, and delivered warm, allowing sales teams to boost close rates and never waste their time with unqualified or unmotivated people ever again.


38% more appointments booked

See how Verse helped Cornerstone Mortgage engage with 56% more consumers looking for home loans 

What more could your team accomplish with 56% more appointments with qualified opportunities?

"We know all of our leads are being taken care of and we don't don't have to worry about it."

Sean Cahan | President, Cornerstone Mortgage Corp

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