Verse engages and qualifies your leads 24/7, at any scale.

Verse is not a bot. We are real humans with AI superpowers. Our highly trained team & tech guide conversations to engage and qualify new web leads, re-engage stale leads, book appointments, drive warm transfers.

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How Verse works

Your leads come in

Verse receives your leads in real time as they come into your business. We easily integrate with all lead sources, platforms and CRMs.

We follow up instantly with text 24/7

We chat with your leads via text within moments. If they prefer a phone call, our US based call center is ready to respond in seconds. Unresponsive leads are automatically nurtured long term to make sure we never miss an opportunity.

Ask questions and pass qualified leads

Based on your needs and qualification criteria, our team will talk to each leads to qualify and disqualify prospects, making sure your sales team is only spending their time with motivated prospects that are ready to do business.

After qualifying a lead, we pass warm transfers to sales via phone, calendar appointments and more. We automatically update your CRM lead records in real time, so you can keep your team focused on the right opportunities at the right time.

Winner of Over 50 Awards in 2021 for Value, Performance and Support

“The ROI is absolutely there!”

We started generating all of these leads… but didn’t have anything in place for the follow-up. We needed someone who would reach out to them immediately every time. Consumers have a short attention span, so we knew it was important. Verse got 60% of our leads to respond and then qualified 30% of them. With 60% of the leads coming in after hours, Verse really solved a problem we couldn’t solve. Now I don’t have to hire more employees! The ROI is absolutely there.”

Evan Wade | Philadelphia Mortgage

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