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    “The ROI is absolutely there!”

    We started generating all of these leads… but didn’t have anything in place for the follow-up. We needed someone who would reach out to them immediately every time. Consumers have a short attention span, so we knew it was important. Verse got 60% of our leads to respond and then qualified 30% of them. With 60% of the leads coming in after hours, Verse really solved a problem we couldn’t solve. Now I don’t have to hire more employees! The ROI is absolutely there.” -Evan Wade, Philadelphia Mortgage

    Sunline booked 38% more on-site appointments with Verse

    Sunline’s sales team was spending too much time chasing cold leads and less time going to in-home appointments. Verse.io helped Sunline improve efficiency and ROI by increasing onsite appointments by 38% and lowered the cost of screening a lead by 35%. Now Sunline can focus on what they do best: connecting with solar energy prospects in person and helping to customize a solution that fits their needs.”

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