Verse engages and qualifies your leads 24/7, at any scale.

Verse is not a bot. We are real humans with AI superpowers. Our highly trained team & tech guide conversations to engage and qualify new web leads, re-engage stale leads, book appointments, drive warm transfers and so much more. And it’s all done for you.

Here’s the problem

The truth will set you free.

89% of your leads prefer to text

The modern consumer no longer answers phone calls from numbers they don’t know, but 98% of them will read our text messages.  This enables more conversations to start, faster.

40% of leads come in after hours

Imagine the instant lift you would see if you were engaging the 40% of your marketing leads after hours and weekends if that’s when they wanted to talk.

90% of your leads aren't nurtured

Most sales people make just 1.3 attempts to contact a new prospect before moving on.  Many consumers aren’t ready now.  Keeping them warm is key to conversion.

How It Works

From click to closing

Your leads come in

Verse receives your leads in real time as they come into your business. We easily integrate with all lead sources, platforms and CRMs.

We follow up instantly with text 24/7

We chat with your leads via text within moments. If they prefer a phone call, our US based call center is ready to respond in seconds. Unresponsive leads are automatically nurtured long term to make sure we never miss an opportunity.

Ask questions and qualify leads

Based on your needs and qualification criteria, which we’ll set up at your onboarding, our team will talk to each leads to qualify and disqualify prospects, making sure your sales team is only spending their time with motivated prospects that are ready to do business.

We pass qualified leads to sales

and book appointments

After qualifying a lead, we pass warm transfers to sales via phone, calendar appointments and more. We automatically update your CRM lead records in real time, so you can keep your team focused on the right opportunities at the right time.


38% more appointments booked

See how Verse helped book 38% more onsite appointments for Sunline Energy with instant coverage outside of business hours.

What more could your team accomplish with 38% more appointments with qualified opportunities?

"Instant 24/7 response and consistent follow up has been a game-changer"

Gerry Ebert | VP of Sales & Marketing, Sunline

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