How it Works

Lead Conversion is our Science

Most companies don’t have the combination of omnichannel communication, AI-driven software and focused staff it takes to connect and engage with leads at scale 24/7, while maximizing lead conversion.

Our approach combines 2-way text and omnichannel communications, an AI-driven platform for managing, qualifying, and nurturing leads, and a team of highly trained human concierges. We respond authentically to all leads within 5 minutes, 24/7, and re-engage at exactly the right moments.

Verse is focused exclusively on lead conversion, and we’re typically 85% more effective than other methods.

Our Approach

Fast, easy onboarding.

Our onboarding team will collaborate with you to create customized scripting to support your brand voice and sales process in our AI and concierge-driven conversations. You can be up and running in days, not weeks or months.


Human touch at the right moments.

When a lead engages, a Verse concierge will smoothly take over the conversation via text. Or by phone or email, if the lead prefers.

Intelligent, AI-driven nurturing.

If a lead is qualified, but not yet ready to buy, we put it into a nurturing and reactivation campaign and recontact them at a time of their choosing.

We’ll connect with your leads 24/7.

You direct your new leads to us. We’ll respond to all of them within five minutes, 24/7, with authentic, two-way text communications supported by AI, with trained concierges standing by. (We will also re-qualify and reheat your stale leads.)

Hand-off qualified leads to your team.

Qualified leads can be instantly live-transferred to your sales team, or we can book an appointment.

We don’t give up.

If a lead is unresponsive, we use intelligent AI to nurture them for up to 6 months, which also monitors for signs of engagement. When a lead re-engages, a live Verse concierge will step in immediately to answer questions and qualify. If a lead is unresponsive after 6 months, it’s purged.

Additional Highlights

Best practices for converting your leads, automatically

When you outsource your lead management to Verse, our AI-driven conversion platform, trained concierges, and up-to-the-minute processes ensure your leads are being managed and converted according to world-class standards. Automatically.

Easy Integration with your favorite tools


Our onboarding team helps integrate your lead source or CRM tool with our software using Zapier so you don’t have to invest more time and money into additional systems. This integration maintains your lead data and presents new data from our engagement with your leads.

A persona and custom scripting that lets your brand shine

Unresponsive leads are nurtured through intelligent and programmatic follow-up until contact is made.

Verse Smart Cadence™ uses data to communicate with your leads — on their time and terms

Every person has a preferred way to communicate. Verse Smart Cadence™ uses AI to determine optimal timing, and our multi-channel approach includes texts, calls, and emails to ensure all bases are covered and everyone is heard loud and clear.

Human touch–when it counts


The Verse platform notifies our concierges when a lead engages, and they smoothly take over the conversation. Our team is trained to answer basic questions about your offering, and respectfully gather information to qualify leads during all exchanges.

Real-time sync with your CRM, and your team can step in any time

As conversations unfold, our reps and yours have real-time access to the complete contact history of every lead across all channels. We’re proud of our ability to connect with leads on your behalf, but if and when you or someone on your team wants to drive a conversation, they have the ability to take over.

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