Automate your
lead follow up

Verse turns your new leads into sales ready opportunities
through immediate AI-Driven conversations

Hi Jeremy, this is Alex with Simple Solar! Thanks for your interest in our services. Just have a few questions. Would you like a quick call or would you prefer to text?
Hi, that was fast. Text, please.
We try to be quick here . To kick things off, what type of property do you reside in?
A single family house

Verse works with companies of all industries

How Verse works

Verse is a unique blend of 2-way SMS, AI driven follow-up, and highly trained reps.

① Your leads come in

Verse connects with all of your lead sources for instant follow-up

② We follow up with text 24/7/365

We text your leads within minutes to qualify them and set them up with your sales team. The texts are delivered with our AI algorithm and we loop in our internal team (within seconds) for complex text threads.

③ We also follow up with call

If the lead says they prefer calls, or if they have a landline, our concierge team calls and qualifies.

④ We schedule a meeting with your sales team

We integrate with your scheduling software to automatically book an appointment with the right sales rep.

⑤ We directly connect with the sale team

If you prefer, we can connect them with a live sales agent on your team.

⑥ We continue to follow up until they respond

If they do not respond, we will continue to text and email for up to a week.

⑦ We put them into a nurturing track

If they are still unresponsive or not ready to talk to sales, we put them in a personalized long term nurture track.

Talk to a Verse Lead Conversion Specialist to see how Verse can help.

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