Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly does Verse contact new leads?

Verse contacts all inbound leads within 5 minutes, and answers all inbound calls to the sales line on your behalf, 24/7, every day of the year.

Does Verse follow-up with unresponsive leads?

Yes, unresponsive leads are nurtured for up to 6 months through intelligent and programmatic follow-up until contact is made.

How do Verse reps represent themselves?

Name: Alex, Client Care Coordinator for [XYY Community]

What lead sources is Verse working on behalf of our community?

The majority of leads that Verse works are coming in from the following sources: Inbound Calls, Zillow, My Mobile Home, and Mobile Home Village.

What lead sources does Verse NOT work?

The following lead sources are filtered out from entering the Verse platform: Manually entered leads, Online Application leads, Leads where Source = “Other,” Leads where Source does not exist.

What questions does Verse ask our leads?

We give your salespeople leverage by only handing them ready-to-purchase leads. We qualify or disqualify leads based on these questions:

  • Communication Preference (SMS or Phone)
  • Confirm Prospect is Age Qualified **(in select communities only)
  • Annual Rental or Home Purchase
  • # of Bedrooms
  • Timeframe for moving
  • Calendly Appointment or Best Callback Time

What % of leads get disqualified and what are the reasons for it?

Depending on the community, between 50% – 60% of leads are screened out. The most common reasons for disqualifying a lead include: not age qualified (for some communities), month-to-month renter, guest or service issue, Campsite Request, Calling into wrong community, indication to us the lead is no longer interested, wrong numbers, or unresponsive.

How will I be notified of new Qualified leads?

You will receive an email notification with the lead details including our qualified summary and Calendly appointment time when applicable.

How can I leave feedback or ask questions about how a specific lead was handled?

You can email [email protected] anytime, and you can also reply back to any qualified lead email notification.

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