Verse for Education

We engage prospective students so you can guide their future

If you’re not taking a text-first approach with the next generation, you’re not talking to them at all (spoiler: students like texting)

Our 100% U.S. based team instantly contacts prospective students and communicates on their terms. 

Awesome features include:

Instant 24/7 response

Appointment booking

Live call transfer

Long term nurture

CRM integrations

Custom scripts

A recent study found that 66% of admissions directors fell short of their enrollment goals, which the report attributed to poor awareness of individual schools, and a lack of focused recruiting efforts. With a need for renewed marketing, Verse focus your efforts.

Through millions of conversations and multi-channel engagement, we’ve learned how to harness the power of SMS. Take a deep dive into why this is especially important when connecting with student leads.

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