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Students today search for schools online, which is why they found you.  We’ll respond to each student or parent inquiry, qualify them based on your needs, and book appointments with your enrollment counselors.

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Enroll more students with Verse

Your enrollment team is busy and isn’t always available to respond to new student inquiries instantly or follow up effectively.  Let Verse handle it for you so you can focus your team on what they do best, helping people.

We instantly respond to new student inquiries

Verse engages new inquiries within a minute, 24/7, and can talk to students day or night across text, phone and email to make sure we never miss an opportunity.

We qualify the student based on your criteria

Never waste your time.  We’ll make sure you only spend time with real people that are the right fits for your school.

We book new appointments directly on your calendar

Meet with students with confidence, knowing all your calendar appointments have been screened.

Superhuman follow-up

With Verse, every new student inquiry is instantly responded to, day or night, and we offer to call or text, and even email if they didn’t input a valid phone number.  We’ll follow up until we make contact, so we can qualify them based on your needs and criteria.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Prospective Students

89% of students prefer to text, and Verse allows them to do so, creating faster connections and a far better experience.

Your team will love you for it!

Chasing down inquiries is every salesperson’s nightmare and the #1 reason for sales team burn out and low morale.  With Verse, leads are always followed up with efficiently, and delivered warm, allowing sales teams to boost close rates and never waste their time with unqualified or unmotivated people ever again.


38% more appointments booked

See how Verse helped book 38% more onsite appointments for Sunline Energy with instant coverage outside of business hours.

What more could your team accomplish with 38% more appointments with qualified opportunities?

"Instant 24/7 response and consistent follow up has been a game-changer"

Gerry Ebert | VP of Sales & Marketing, Sunline

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