Verse Conversion CloudTM

A robust, customizable, and scalable cloud platform solution 100% focused on lead conversion.

Lead Ingestion

  • Syncs with and receives leads from any source based on rules or triggers

  • 2-Way Integration with CRMs, API, Email Parsing

  • ETL Data Standardization

  • Complete Opt-Out & TCPA Compliance Standards

  • Lead Cleaning for known litigators and duplicates.

Verse Conversion Cloud

  • Intelligent conversation engine that combines AI, NLU, and Lead Scoring for automated, contextually relevant and timely conversations with leads at scale.

  • 2-Way SMS / Phone / Email Conversation Engine.

  • A lead nurturing engine to track lead scores, determine contact cadence, direct the Conversation engine and determine timing for handoffs to a Verse human concierge or customer representative.

  • Real-Time Customer Dashboard with complete visibility into conversations, and relevant insights.


  • Real-time sync and updates to customer’s CRM/systems with conversation history and all new data collected.

  • Workflow rules, status/stage updates automated.

  • Hand off via calendar, live transfer when appropriate.