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Known for generating and managing your leads from “‘Hello’ to ‘Congratulations’“, CINC has partnered with Verse to supercharge their platform with world class lead engagement and qualification! Verse’s system has been engineered to sync with CINC at scale – using a cutting edge blend of automation, human response, and inbound call answering — all of which works both 24/7/365 and over the long-term.

Key Features and Benefits

Automatic Labels

Label applied as soon as a lead is sent to Verse or qualified.

Automatic Pipeline Updates

In the CINC platform – the lead automatically moves through the pipeline status’ based on Verse’s activity.

Activity History Logging

All attempted contact and notes are entered into the CINC platform by Verse user to quickly track activity.


Instant lead response that continues 24/7/365 so you never miss an opportunity.

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Proactive Smart Cadence

Engaging your leads based on data – from best communication type to frequency

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Dynamic Agent Routing

Take advantage of our most popular team features – no need for individual profiles.

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Stay top of mind with 6-month engagement of unresponsive leads.

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End Conversation

You have complete complete control – end all engagement with a click of the button from your CINC CRM.

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Call Connect

Your inbound calls are instantly answered and qualified, from Zillow to For Sale signs.

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