CallConnect, by Verse.

Turn hot leads into inbound calls

Have a large internal call center or inside sales team? Verse helps large sales and marketing centers and teams connect with more prospects when they are ready to talk by phone. Our AI + live agents nurture leads via SMS. When prospects are ready to connect, we live transfer them to your internal reps via inbound calls.

Hi Karen, Alex here with First City Remodeling. I just received your inquiry from HomeAdvisor, and would love to assist. Is this a good time for a quick call?

Can you give me a call between 11 AM and 1 PM tomorrow?

Sounds good. I will be in touch then! Have a great rest of your day!

Hi Karen – just a quick reminder that I’ll be giving you a call in about 10 minutes!

Okay. Thank you.

Outbound call forwarded successfully via CallConnect to lead Karen

Lasted 4 min 45 secs

The Right Prospect, At The Right Time

With 87% of people not answering their phones anymore, how is your team supposed to ever connect with the right prospects by phone?  The answer is by texting to start which has a 98% open rate.

We instantly text new leads to find best time to connect by phone

Verse engages new leads within a minute, 24/7, and can talk to customers day or night across text, phone and email to make sure we never miss an opportunity.

Screen For Handoff

Never waste your time.  We’ll make sure you only spend time with real people that are the right fits for your business and service area.

Live Phone Transfers To Your Team

We’ll get the right prospects on the phone and transfer them to your team or call center during your hours of operation, so your team can take the lead by phone.

Support your inside sales or call center team

Focus your internal resources on prospects that are ready to talk. Verse will engage prospects and deliver them to your internal teams via inbound calls any hours you are open, to allow your team to qualify and make the sale right on the spot with your most motivated prospects.

Engage leads after hours when your team can’t

Leads are unpredictable, and come in around the clock. It’s much harder to connect with a lead the next day or after a weekend. Verse will respond to every lead within a minute, 24/7 and schedule calls. We’ll then call the lead at the time agreed to, and deliver them via live transfer to your team.

Your team will love you for it!

Chasing leads is every salesperson’s nightmare and the #1 reason for sales team burn out and low morale.  With Verse, leads are always followed up with efficiently, and delivered warm, allowing sales teams to boost close rates and never waste their time with unqualified or unmotivated people ever again.


38% more appointments booked

See how Verse helped book 38% more onsite appointments for Sunline Energy with instant coverage outside of business hours.

What more could your team accomplish with 38% more appointments with qualified opportunities?

"Instant 24/7 response and consistent follow up has been a game-changer"

Gerry Ebert | VP of Sales & Marketing, Sunline

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