As the team lead, you are able to charge the different individuals of your team with roles and responsibilities that match with their strengths as a person. It’s the classic divide and conquer model. And your role is the most pivotal–you need to make sure that you actually accomplish the appropriate matching of your team.

Match the wrong person with the wrong role and you foreshadow the potential demise of your business. This is especially true when it comes to your lead strategy.

When you consider all of this, the biggest question we hear often is–what’s the best lead strategy?

The answer is simple: the best lead strategy is the one you will actually use. But there really is more to it than that. The most effective lead strategy has characteristics you need to look for to know it will truly be the backbone of a successful real estate team. Here they are. Every dollar counts when you are just starting out. You shouldn’t invest in a lead strategy that costs twice what you’re bringing in every month. At least not at first.

The trouble with many lead strategy offerings is that they “scale” by only doing part of what you need it to do. But you need all the parts to work — even if it’s just a team of two.

You don’t only need the strategy to involve generating the leads, you need to be able to scrub, qualify, follow up with (automatically for that matter) and hand over to a trusted peer if you cannot work the lead any further.

For example, Verse is the optimal lead strategy product that works with all the functions you need to manage a small team. You pay for what you really need, nothing more. Have you ever seen a brokerage buy into a tech product and then struggle to get started? Heck, this is an issue we deal with inside and outside of the office.

Adoption of a lead strategy product is one of the biggest hurdles team leads face when starting out.We designed Verse to help you get in and get right to the dollar-productive activities that truly make you money. Our product is built on a human concierge service coupled with automated technology such as SMS messaging that works directly for you 24/7.

We don’t back a truck up to your office and bury you in bells and whistles — we focus on the activities that count to help you scrub, qualify and eventually convert leads. You’ll find intuitive usability and a workflow that makes sense.

Daniel Beer of KW Beer Home Team put it this way, “Verse has helped our conversion rates rise and we are setting more appointments than ever with our leads. My team is able to focus on the hot prospects that matter.” Your lead strategy machine should not operate in a technological vacuum. There are too many other powerful tools for your team to use. Our service connects with all of your lead sources and the CRM you employ with your team.

Our service is also integrated with an instant response measure so your team can stay in the loop with the leads that really matter. Whether this be via phone, SMS/text, or email, you and your team are covered 24/7.

Think of Verse as your lead strategy command center, qualifying leads on your behalf and notifying you when to strike. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…

Everything doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you can see actual results with your investment. Real estate is a numbers business. Whether it be the numbers on the deal, the number of people in your team, or the ROI on any investment you make -it all comes down to the numbers in and numbers out.

With an optimal lead strategy machine, you want results that you can see immediately once you toggle the “on” button. With Verse’s instant response and follow-up, participating teams are experiencing up to a 300% increase in their conversion rates. Don’t believe us? Take it from Greg Steiniger of Houses for Sale Network (a top 1% broker nationwide), “Verse is game changing! 300% increase in conversions since starting with them. Love these guys!”.

The data we’ve collected further illustrates the numbers:

  • 1,500+ agents and teams participating
  • 1,000,000+ leads processed
  • 3,000,000+ SMS conversion
  • 100,000+ agent+broker referrals
  • $1 billion homes sold volume via referrals

As a team lead, you have your hands full. We know it–you know it. Building a real estate team can be an exciting and rewarding business model. And it’s why we built Verse the way we did — we know what you have on your daily slate. We know the responsibility needed to actually make your lead strategy work for you. Once you find the right fit for your team–you’ll be unstoppable.