Webinar: 5 Lead Habits To Break in 2021

Dec 23, 2020 | All, Sales and Marketing, Webinar

Daniel Kimm of Shape CRM Software and Daniel Cross of Verse.io sat down to talk about the lead habits that are crippling your sales and marketing teams the most. While many understand the effectiveness and even the importance of tech, Cross and Kimm break down why certain tech stacks and adjustments in your sales funnel may actually bring more ROI and bigger revenue streams. Bad lead habits are a normal part of companies today, so it’s extremely important to recognize them before your competition does, or else you may get left behind.

Bad Habit #1: Stop calling first

Solution: Text first, offer to call.

Verse.io began eight years ago with the sole purpose of bettering lead engagement on behalf of sales and marketing teams. With different variations and iterations attempted, there was a noticeable change in 2018 when Robocallers took over, leaving consumers to feel more agitated and less likely to pick up their phone each time it rang. Daniel Kimm brought up the “disruption” phone calls have on consumer’s schedules, which is why Shape also leverages text. People are busy and are often in the middle of a work day or time with family and will quickly send a salesperson to voicemail because of that. With 90% of consumers preferring text communication, it’s a no brainer that sales reps should leverage SMS more often.

While many prefer to text, not everyone desires to have a full conversation that way. This is why Verse texts first, asking for the lead’s preferred method of communication. The consumer has the opportunity to say, “I am busy right now, but I can talk on the phone at 6pm tonight.” While this little adjustment may not seem monumental, the consumer is much more comfortable talking on their terms which establishes an immediate trust with your sales reps.


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Bad Habit #2: Letting leads sit.

Solution: Respond to leads quickly.

Customer referrals are obviously not priorities when it comes to speed-to-lead because they’re much warmer leads. However, any leads who come in from ads, Google searches, or other organic or paid marketing strategies have instant gratification needs and require having their questions answered immediately.

If you don’t respond to the lead quickly after they clicked on your ad and filled out an inquiry, the lead is going to be served advertisements from your competitors and leave room for consumers to change their mind. Connecting with the lead at pique interest is vital to moving leads along in the sales cycle. If each converted lead is worth a lot of revenue, it’s a significant problem to solve. Automating a speed-to-lead strategy with technology like Verse will help keep leads focused on your product or service.

Bad Habit #3: Ignoring your database.

Solution: Don’t let your database forget about you.

There is definite gold in your database, you just need the proper tools to mine the gold from the database. Using a company like Verse to tee up deals through lead nurturing will help uncover opportunities. Also having a proper CRM like Shape to help you parse data and organize leads via lead scoring gives your sales team the ability to focus on low hanging fruit.

Automating lead engagement and qualification from database leads will maximize your conversion rates and make sure no lead generation efforts are wasted. Not every lead will be ready to buy right away, but keeping your product or service at top-of-mind will ensure the ones who eventually buy do so with your company and not your competitors.

Bad Habit #4: Work/life imbalance.

Solution: Have systems in place for after hours to maintain work/life balance.

Sales reps in many industries are encouraged and sometimes required to be prepared for “after hours” conversation with inbound leads. But, requiring sales reps to be tied to their phones isn’t fair. Weekends and holidays are the time for representatives to take a break from lead engagement and meetings with prospects so they can stay motivated and productive.

This does not mean after-hours leads should be neglected. Keeping your sales team energized is important, but making sure the consumer feels like their business matters is just as important, too. Utilizing technology that handles lead engagement for you, at least outside of business hours, helps serve both the consumer and your sales team in the buying process. 

Bad Habit #5: Your lead flows aren’t organized.

Solution: Keep your lead flows organized with the right CRM.

Leads are one of the most targeted audiences you can obtain. Leads are interested people who have raised their hand and have intent to buy of some sort. Having a manual process is like trying to catch water in your hand. It’s imperative to use technology to feed leads to your teams with alerts in the system saying, “These leads are ready for a conversation.”

The other important part to lead flows is prioritizing leads. Sorting and organizing leads with leads scoring lets technology decide which leads are warmer. This helps sales teams better manage their day to day habits and productivity. Shape CRM has a strong and customizable lead scoring system in place to intelligently engage with leads at the perfect time.

A benefit to organized lead flows is the ability to track engagement and conversion rates. Then marketers can use real data to better spend their advertising dollars to generate more high quality leads. This ensures less lead waste and more ROI on all parts of the sales funnel.

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