Solar installation is on the rise and so is the need for better lead qualification in the solar industry. Since the hype of technology and environmentalists came and went, interest in the solar market has shifted significantly.

Now, people are seeing the financial and economical benefit of installing solar systems into their homes and businesses. This mainstream market is growing each year as 5-10 million American households seek interest in solar installation. Meanwhile, over 3,000 solar companies are running circles trying to compete for their business.

The problem for most solar companies is the large gap between finding and maintaining qualified leads. This is partially due to the mass-market’s behavior patterns throughout the process of purchasing a solar installation for their residence. Solar sales teams need to put down the phone and spend more time understanding their consumers in order to generate and find more leads.

Ditch the Pitch

According to EnergySage, the typical solar installation customer does not want to call and speak with a business as a first step in the process. Solar buyers are usually more financially-minded customers who do NOT want a sales pitch. Instead, solar buyers want to do research, shop around and see why and how solar panels will improve their household, both financially and environmentally (though the latter is typically less important to this consumer).

It’s important for solar companies to recognize the customer’s wants and needs in the buying process, and it does not include an aggressive sales pitch where they don’t get the information they need. Otherwise, it could result in a consumer taking their business elsewhere.

Leads and Where To Find Them

Though the largest volume of leads come from customer referrals, solar companies only see about 30-50% of potential buyers from this effort. The lowest volume of leads typically comes from the company website and events, sitting at 10-15% each, however, this is where more qualified leads are usually found.

EnergySage’s research indicates solar leads will typically come from the following categories:

Solar companies leads by source pie chart

Quantify the Qualified

The solar industry is still fairly new, but due to its tremendous growth, there is a dire need for innovation in sales tactics and lead conversion strategies as companies generate larger volumes of leads. Many solar companies notice it’s difficult to turn these cold leads into qualified prospects. Any inability to connect with qualified leads, whether from a lack of diverse communication methods or slow response times, deeply impairs the relationship between a solar company and a potential buyer.

How Verse Solves the Solar Leads Gap

Since the buyers are hesitant to speak on the phone with a business directly, Verse meets this need by offering 24/7 text or email communication to aid the funneling of qualifying leads and send them directly to your sales rep. As 89% of consumers prefer communication via text, this allows the consumer to communicate on their own terms and time.

Verse bridges the gap between the lead’s general interest and research to the on-site visit. In order to capitalize on qualifying leads more effectively, Verse combines the need for personable interaction with artificial intelligence — thereby creating a more efficient communication process with potential buyers.

For further efficiency, the concierge team at Verse acts as an assistant to the company directly. This ensures the company’s solar leads are getting quality treatment while maintaining the customer service reputation of the company. Using the knowledge gained from millions of conversations and information gathered from website traffic, the support team at Verse helps curate the right questions and answers to determine if your solar business is the right fit for the buyer.

And because Verse always has real people monitoring and guiding the communication with a company’s leads, this creates a more authentic and personal relationship with the buyers, leaving them feeling validated and heard. Based on the conversation, Verse can then directly send the qualified leads straight to the company’s door.

Solar sales teams can also expect Verse to consistently follow up with interested buyers, set up appointments for on-site visits, and nurture the overall buyer-seller relationship. With the lead engagement program at Verse, solar companies typically can see up to 50% more on-site appointments booked.

As educator Stephen Covey said, “The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.” Sales teams can capitalize better on their time with potential customers since Verse can fulfill the basic communication needed outside of business hours where the sales team may have a hard time being available. Because at least 40% of consumers communicate outside of business hours, Verse is set up as a 24/7/365 contact center, leaving the qualifying leads in a comfortable position to communicate. This gives the company a better opportunity of connecting and establishing a relationship with the buyer.

Ultimately, with the solar industry booming, there’s a critical need for sales teams to do a much better job engaging more efficiently with qualified leads. Verse is filling the holes of the stereotypical outsourced call center industry by adding personal, 24/7, US-based interaction. With all of the time and effort invested in generating these leads, sales teams can rest easy knowing Verse is optimizing and funneling the qualified ones for them — and, frankly, they can take a break from constantly reaching voicemails and wasting all of that time reaching out to buyers who don’t want sales pitches. Say goodbye to cold-calling and hello to closing!

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