The secret to more revenue from fewer leads

Jul 20, 2020 | Lead Management, All, Blog

It’s plain and simple: more leads does not mean more revenue. This is the whole reason marketing and sales talk about qualified leads and the power of driving them. You may purchase 20,000 leads and they are all garbage. But then you generate 100 high-intent leads and not only did you close more deals, but brought in more revenue. 

What value do 20,000 unqualified leads have next to 100 great ones? 

Revenue ≠ Lead Volume 

Say you tried a new marketing strategy it brought a significant amount of closings and bigger purchases than normal. Despite the increase in revenue, you notice the actual lead volume from this month’s strategy was significantly lower than last month. With business being a “numbers game,” the typical alarm raised from this outcome results in buying more leads. Don’t buy into that just yet. 

Chris Walker’s answer is simple:

When you align your demand marketing to revenue instead of “leads”, oftentimes your leads will go down because it changes the things that you do. It changes where you advertise. It changes what content you create. It changes your conversion points. It changes your metrics. It changes your MINDSET.” – Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs

If you are seeing high-intent leads from your LinkedIn ads turning into large revenue, you’re going to shift a more concerted effort toward your LinkedIn ads to get more. But the actual lead volume may go down. Quality has now outperformed quantity.

Stick to Revenue, Connect with Leads

Ultimately, the best response is to stick to the revenue. Keep pushing out content and advertising that brings you more qualified leads with bigger purchases. The revenue will prove to outshine the lead volume. It’s common for marketers to become laser-focused on MQLs, but the real story is revealed when revenue becomes your central metric.

Again, letting these 100 qualified leads go to waste should be non-negotiable, but the “handoff” between marketing and sales still leaves many leads untouched. Connecting with these already warm leads should be a no-brainer, but it isn’t as simple at the bandwidth of humans.

Verse’s modern contact center and lead conversion software pair together to connect your teams with your qualified leads at a maximum rate. When a lead comes in, the lead is contacted right away via SMS, where we offer omni channel communication to best fit their needs. We use a collaborative, custom-made script to qualify your leads and, once qualified, we directly book an appointment with your sales team. The chance of connection and conversion is at an all-time high and every marketing effort is validated. 

Pairing a revenue-driven mindset with a lead conversion software ensures the most ROI and profitability. In the end, it’s the little adjustments that make the biggest difference in business and your bottom-line. 

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