This month,  I had the great honor of presenting Verse at Inman Connect in San Francisco to a group of 2,500+ of our industry’s brightest minds and thought leaders. I was able to share how Verse is shaping the way businesses communicate with their online consumers, and how we’re bringing back the human connection that has been eroded over time with human-replacing technologies.

Throughout the week, I connected with hundreds of people on a 1-on-1 basis and learned what brokers, teams, and agents need help with the most. Namely, they need help with engaging their potential clients quickly and following up. This is where they see the most waste and where Verse can step in to provide much needed back up, support, and help increase conversions.

Having been previously featured in Inman News, it was an honor to speak to their audience directly and share why we’re so passionate about what we do every single day!