Speed-to-lead: How to Become the #1 Roofing Company

Aug 2, 2021 | All, Blog, Home Services

No matter what industry you are in, speed-to-lead is fundamental in beating out the competition. With over 160,000 roofing contractors working in the United States, it is crucial to be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the field. In a saturated market such as roofing, customers have the choice to go with an array of different contractors, therefore being a market leader and perfecting speed-to-lead is of utmost importance.

Attracting leads can be a hefty challenge for many roofing contractors to take on but, once a lead is in, that is when the real nitty-gritty challenges happen and where you can truly stand out from the crowd.

One of the most important aspects for your company to focus on is achieving a great speed-to-lead.

What Is Speed-to-lead?

Your lead is in. Now what? You are excited about the opportunity to make a sale but there are many different tactics and best practices for nurturing your lead effectively and turning it into a sales-ready opportunity.

Speed-to-lead is the time between the moment a prospective customer reaches out to your business (usually, via the phone or website) and the moment someone from your team (usually, sales reps) responds to this inquiry. This metric is super important for any roofing contractor and varies significantly from company to company. After 5 minutes. Needless to say, speed matters

Once the inbound lead is in, the prospective customer has already done their due diligence and wants your service! Now, it is up to you to provide the best possible customer experience and service. According to a study by Lead Response Management, your chance of connecting with a lead falls by 100x if contacted after 30 minutes compared to 5 minutes. 

You don’t ever want to miss a chance at converting a lead. When your follow-up is too slow, your potential customer might end up retaining services of another roofer or it would take your sales team a lot more time and effort to convince them to go with your company. 

How Is Speed-to-lead Affecting My Business?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customer for a second.

If they have just submitted an inquiry to your business, chances are they are still on or near their device which they used to fill out the web form. For the next  five minutes, your company name is still fresh in their minds and your speedy response would significantly impress them.

On the other hand, if you fail to quickly respond to a lead they might feel neglected, forget about your business, lose interest, or in the worst case scenario go with one of your competitors.

This is exactly the reason why the five-minute response window is called “the golden window” and is so important in lead conversion. 

50% of leads go with the first vendor that contacts them back. So, being quick and nimble responding to leads before your competition allows you to beat out many competitors simply by being first.

Minimizing the number of lost opportunities, strengthening your sales funnel, and taking advantage of a lead conversion software like Verse can help your business be a dominant roofing service provider in your area!

How Verse Can Solve Your Speed-to-lead

We at Verse pride ourselves on being a leader in the speed-to-lead conversion rates and have the perfect solution to meet your lead follow-up needs! Our innovative platform allows roofing companies like yours to run at maximum efficiency and engage with your prospective customers even after hours (at night, on weekends). 

Only 7% of businesses respond to leads within the first 5 minutes, with the addition of Verse to your sales funnel, you can be a part of that slim percentage of businesses, too.

We  respond on your behalf to every lead within moments and continue to chase them until we get a chance to qualify them and set appointments for your sales team. 

Our uniquely-crafted solution helps solve speed to lead issues and can ensure no leads get lost in the cracks. Your roofing company can become #1 just by using Verse for fast follow-up.

Interested in using Verse to cover the middle of your sales funnel?

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