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When I submitted Verse’s name for the San Diego Business Journal’s (SDBJ) Fastest Growing Companies award, I’ll admit, I knew we were going to make the list.

What I didn’t know was:

A) So many companies entered that the SDBJ had to increase the number of finalists to 150 (instead of the 100 it had been in previous years).
B) They were going to do an actual countdown of the fastest growing companies based on their financials (not where they land in the alphabet).

I realized B (above) after the first 2 pages revealing companies #150-141 and #140-131 had passed without Verse’s name on them. Avi and I started to really get pumped. The next thing we know we are looking at #50-41, #40-31, #30-21… still no Verse. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and the anticipation grew as the hosts prepared to announce the TOP 20 Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego and then… BOOM!


How exciting to see your company’s logo largely displayed for some of the most well respected and successful business owners in San Diego to see!

The best part? Knowing next year Verse will be returning as #1.

CONGRATS to to all the other incredible companies who were successful in getting their names on the Fastest Growing Companies list. Keep up the hard work, we know we will!