Believe it or not, it is not confidence or charm that separates the top 1% of salespeople from the rest. It’s actually the art of organization. A salesperson with an organized and systematic sales process will be most likely to close more deals. 

The reason this sales quality seems to so heavily influence performance revolves around “lead fatigue” and the consistent anxiety of chasing and hunting down prospects. An average salesperson typically gets caught up in doing too much, ultimately causing them to lose motivation and a solidified sales funnel.

The biggest reason organization manifests so much success is due to the understanding that time is money. That means that time spent chasing leads should be leveraged in productive, structured strides. 

1. Confirm appointments – every time. 

This is a fairly simple, yet substantial tip to manage your time better. Check in the day before with your prospect and verify the time and date. We even recommend doing so first thing the day before meeting because you can always quickly check your calendar before getting started on your work day. Then, by end of day, you know what your next day will look like appointment-wise and can prioritize other tasks meanwhile.

2. Use a management software tool.

Whether you use a CRM tool or a task management software, these kinds of resources will help. Look into what aspects might be most important or necessary for your sales process. Lead scoring? Conversation records? Response checklist? Remember less is more when it comes to softwares (remember the average salesperson), however, they do offer avenues to optimize your time management.

3. Speed-to-lead and ISAs

The looming cloud of speed-to-lead is dreaded by many salespeople. Inside Sales did their own study and found a conversion was 21x more likely when a lead was contacted within 5 minutes of filling out an inquiry. But how can a salesperson be available 24/7 to manage this? Unfortunately, they can’t. However, our 24/7 contact center at Verse poses as an ISA for your sales team while optimizing the chance of initial connection with your leads. If 40% of your leads come in after hours, Verse would be the best chance at being more organized and in the Top 1%.

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4. Organize qualifying questions

Getting a lead to convert is often named the most difficult part of the sales process for account managers. Often the right questions aren’t being asked when you connect with a lead. Do you and your team have a list of qualifying questions? What differentiates a lead ready to purchase and a lead that needs nurturing? HubSpot offers a great start to your qualification questions. Focus on the low-hanging fruit and use your CRM tool to monitor yet-to-be-qualified leads.

5. Leverage lead conversion software

Again, leveraging a 24/7 contact center like Verse will give you the most. Verse uses AI and omnichannel communication to best connect with leads. While they not only connect with your leads, they also qualify and nurture them until they’re ready for conversion where Verse will then book an appointment for them to meet with you. This essentially relieves sales of chasing and wasting time with leads who will never buy. We filter them out for you.

Organization is the key to success. Utilizing tools, lead conversion software and quick communication with your prospects will let you focus on the low-hanging fruit and move your way up to the Top 1%. Work smarter, not harder.

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