Like all other businesses, clinics and medical practices must implement marketing strategies for accomplishing their long-term and short-term goals. Most clinics are looking to implement a mix of different marketing strategies with an aim to increase their appointments, get an edge over competitors, increase market share, advertise products and services, and enhance their reputation.

Many clinics struggle with how they execute their strategy. To do so in the best possible way, clinics must implement marketing technologies that effectively bring in more customers and provide an excellent customer experience from the initial inquiry until the last doctor’s visit. 

The introduction of marketing technologies has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Everything from your customer support to increasing your lead conversion rate can now be done automatically with the many tech stacks that are available.

With over 8,000 martech solutions, many clinics face the challenge of deciding which solution to implement that will boost lead conversion rates. 

Martech is expensive so you have to make sure the tech stack you choose solves your clinic’s essential problems and optimizes your ROI. Most businesses don’t realize that there are some tech solutions that can address several of your business needs at once. 

One of the biggest marketing trends we have seen in recent years is a shift toward delivering a personalized customer experience. In an industry where many see providers as cold and uninterested in patients, personalization, if available in your martech platform, can be a huge boost in effectively engaging with your potential patients. 

Work Smart, Not Hard

When used correctly, automation can be a super powerful tool for your clinic. The most positive outcomes of integrating and using automation are:

  • cost reduction
  • productivity
  • availability
  • performance

While automation can help your teams focus on creating more sales, many businesses still face a massive challenge that touches all four of these points: achieving a good lead conversion rate. In fact, only 25% of marketing and sales professionals have automation software specifically for lead conversion (Ascend2).

As the age-old adage goes…Time is money. Using a lead conversion tool not only takes all the grunt work out of verifying leads and nurturing them, it also creates a greater likelihood of appointments. 

Personalization Is Key

In general, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience (Epsilon). More and more consumers are getting tired of impersonal interactions and want to feel like they are taken care of. 

Automation platforms that lack personalization communicates with patients in an antiquated way. This makes patients feel like their ailments are unimportant and insignificant 

Patients’ expectations have changed. It is up to clinics to be able to adapt and change along with those expectations. Everyone likes to feel like they are valued and unique in their needs. In fact, 70% of consumers say that how well a company understands their individual needs influences their loyalty.  This is important as customer loyalty is the key success factor and end goal of lead conversion.

The process of lead qualification and nurture, when executed strategically, can result in more turnover of qualified leads from marketing to sales, and more conversions of those leads into customers. 

Without promising leads, your medical practice will not survive for long. One of the biggest challenges that clinics face is mitigating the gap in lead conversion, where patients are not happy with your customer service and decide to go to another clinic. 

Personalization can be a huge asset in mitigating the gap and not sending your prospective patients to the competition!

Personalize Your Lead Conversion

It’s not too good to be true, personalized automation does exist!

Many clinics are using personalization while analyzing their customer data in order to create the ideal customer profile. More and more businesses craft their messaging based on that unique profile of the customer whom they are trying to reach and engage with. However, when it comes to lead conversion, many platforms still struggle with personalization both after the initial contact and in the nurture stage.

Verse’s platform– with our customized, bespoke messaging and Smart Cadence– is able to tell when a customer wants to be messaged as well as their preferred method of communication. Automation with personalization is essential because it works smarter, making sure that each patient is taken care of in the best way and, as a result, boosts lead conversion rates!

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