Paving Your Way to Success: Texting Driveway Leads

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There is plenty of work out there as every parking lot, driveway, and roadway needs asphalt maintenance or paving as time goes on. Making sure that you are a contractor that is on a potential client’s bid lists is crucial. Once you are on the list and they are waiting for you to contact them, how you approach that, and how quickly you are able to answer subservient questions from your prospective customer is a key factor in determining whether or not you will be able to make the sale or not. Consumer habits have changed and a shift has been made to predominantly SMS communication. In this blog we will explain why texting your driveway leads can be a huge asset in making more sales! 

Texting consumers sounds invasive, but it’s only because it used to be invasive. Before carriers started implementing single plans with unlimited text and calls across the board, texts used to cost money or counted toward a monthly text limit. 

As the once-popular instant messaging shifted to text, more and more people adapted to having conversations (at least short ones) via SMS. Before long, unlimited text messaging plans became available at cheaper rates. Now, practically everyone has a cell phone and unlimited text use. 

What’s even more ironic is the twist this has put on phone conversations. In fact, people tend to hate picking up the phone from unknown numbers now. And on the flip side, there’s a source of comfort some people find when they realize they don’t have to worry about speaking with someone on a phone call.

Texting is a necessity to your sales funnel

All in all, 2-way text communication is no longer the future, it’s the present. 6 trillion text messages are sent each year. With that in mind, salespeople have still refrained from leveraging 2-way text messaging in their sales process. Only 6% of those surveyed take advantage of text/SMS to follow up with leads. Why is that?

Again, the stigma with text messaging is still rampant. Those who prefer to make calls think they’d be invading people’s space if they sent a text. However, it could also be argued that persistent phone calls from a salesperson are actually more annoying and more likely to result in a permanently lost customer. Yet somehow, calling is the primary communication method that sales reps use while engaging with their leads.

When surveyed, almost 9 in 10 consumers said they’d prefer to communicate with a salesperson via text message. With that being noted, text is a necessity to maximizing your chance at connecting with your potential driveway customers along with converting them into appointments. and smart cadence

When developing our cadence at Verse, we decided to test how consumers responded to an initial first text offering them to choose their preferred form of communication with a business:

“Hey, this is Alex Parker from Driveways Unlimited. I saw you filled out an inquiry on our website. I just had a few questions to ask before I set you up with our team. Do you have a few minutes to hop on a phone call or would you prefer to text?”

Well over the majority of people quickly replied with responses like: “Text would be great.” This was a major component to the qualification process that Verse felt like driveway sales teams were missing. When text was at least offered, people were more than happy to choose that option rather than hopping on the phone. Sometimes, people are busy with work, handling kids at home or just simply don’t have the energy to invest in a full conversation.

That’s why making the consumers comfortable can be the difference between closed deals and lost opportunities. If salespeople would let prospective customers communicate with them on their terms and on their own time, then such conversations would easily turn into more opportunities and more revenue for their paving business. is a next-generation lead conversion platform for engaging, qualifying, nurturing, and converting inbound leads into new clients for our driveway customers. We serve as an extension of your team. Our AI technology and human concierges help our driveway clients with processing new leads and re-engage old leads generated by your Marketing, book appointments with and make call transfers to your Sales, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers! 

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