Outsourced Lead Gen for Flooring Contractors: If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Aug 30, 2021 | All, Blog, Lead Management, Marketing

If you’re not first, you’re last. This is the mantra of marketing in today’s world and it applies to lead generation as well. If your flooring company isn’t generating leads from sources outside of your website or customer base, then you’re already behind. Outsourcing lead gen can be a great way for companies to get more leads and boost their ROI by letting others do what they don’t have time or expertise for. It also allows them to focus on their core competencies while still growing their business through other avenues. Lead gen services are an excellent way for companies of all sizes to increase revenue without having to waste money and effort on expensive advertising campaigns that may not produce any results at all.

61% of marketing professionals say that lead generation is their number one challenge. By outsourcing this important marketing function  your business can not only get more leads, but this can also help your marketing and sales teams be more efficient and effective in closing deals! 

Outsourcing Leads and Why it Works

Competition in the industry is among the highest with over 123,224 flooring businesses in the United States, a 3% jump from 2020! In such a competitive market with not much differentiation between companies, you have to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing/advertising, especially lead generation. One of the tactics commonly used by contractors is paying someone to do lead gen for them. Of all home improvement businesses, the sales cycle for flooring companies is especially long, often taking months from the initial customer engagement to the actual installation.And, as a result, many contractors are challenged by low conversion rates. Therefore, it’s critical to have your sales pipeline full at all times and  constantly be generating more new leads. 

You need to be the first one your customers think of when they’re looking for a flooring specialist. If you wait too long, someone else will beat you to it and that customer may not come back. How often does anyone need a new floor? Outsourcing lead generation is a tactic that is sometimes best left to the experts and helps your team focus on capturing sales and installing new floors

Key Components of Lead Generation

With revenue in the flooring installers industry forecasted to increase 8.2% in 2021 alone due to historically low mortgage rates, it is now more pertinent than ever to understand how to best approach lead generation and implement this strategy.

The main components to keep in mind when doing so are as follows:

  • Database:  Since this is where your leads come in and are managed by your team, it is crucial to have your data and processes related to lead gen in good shape, so your team is able to follow up with leads and qualify them quickly.   
  • Content:  Content is the backbone for all of your marketing campaigns—from email, to social, to event collateral. Content can help drive customers, and can also position your company as a thought leader. 
  • Martech:  Automation of lead gen helps with  effective nurturing of leads and provides full visibility of the process, which in turn, allows you to have an always evolving and optimized approach to lead generation

Supercharge Your Flooring Company With Verse

80% of marketers think marketing automation generates the most and best quality leads(Invesp)

With our next-generation lead conversion platform, Verse.io engages, qualifies, nurtures, and converts inbound leads into new clients for our flooring customers. Our AI technology and human concierges help businesses with processing new leads and re-engage old leads generated by your Marketing, book appointments with and make call transfers to your Sales, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers. 

By outsourcing your lead generation to lead gen agencies and getting help with lead conversion from companies  like Verse, you will cover all the bases and supercharge your business into new heights!  

Have a high volume of leads? Qualifying and nurturing leads seem like a giant feat?

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