Think about how often you purchase something these days without first checking its user rating, reading a buyer’s review, or getting recommendations from friends or family. If you’re like 81 percent of online consumers, the answer is almost never.

But it’s no longer just products or services that today’s consumers investigate before they open their wallets. They’re increasingly interested in the quality of the companies and individuals they do business with as well. And though sales stats, name recognition, or marketing tactics may have motivated consumers in the past, research shows that the vast majority of consumers will consider customer experience as the key brand differentiator by 2020, beating out price and product.

As the world becomes increasingly transparent, your user reviews and “social cred” are more powerful than ever before, which is why it’s critical to prioritize elevating the end-to-end customer experience your organization offers. To give your business — and your customers — a much-needed boost, apply these strategies at every level of customer engagement.

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