Schools are always looking for smart ways to attract students. In past years, schools were known to rely heavily on newspaper advertisements and radio ads to generate awareness. Now, schools have to rely on implementing different marketing methods to attract the best quality and amount of students. 

This is even more present today as the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a tremendous increase in virtual learning institutions and students reconsidering traditional educational paths. Cyber schools should capitalize on these unique times in order to make a name for themselves and become industry leaders.

Crafting a marketing message that illuminates what makes your school different, including special areas of focus, can help you stand out and attract students that are the best match.

In this blog we will go over tips on how to best craft this message.

Developing Your Ideal Student Profile

Taking a close look at your school’s most compelling strengths is key to getting started with a marketing strategy. A cyber school needs to consider what makes it unique and what its values are. Answering these questions will help tell the story of the school and why it is special. As you begin to craft this narrative you will also narrow down the ideal student profile that best matches with your school’s strengths. This will enable both teachers and school staff to speak more clearly and compellingly about the school. It will also ensure that future marketing messages and materials highlight the best of what the school has to offer and most importantly, it will attract students who might be a great fit. 

Show Off

It is tough for a student to decipher what school is best for their needs and how the curriculum will be presented, especially when they are considering a cyber school. A great way to show off to prospective students and give insight as to what makes your school different from the others is by hosting virtual or in-person tour days. Your current students and alumni can help to promote this type of event on social media, acting as brand ambassadors by answering prospective students’ questions and sharing their own experiences in their field of study.

Advertise Success Stories 

Every student looking to advance their education wants to know their return on investment (ROI). In fact, success of graduates rates at a 3.77/5 in terms of importance when considering where to enroll. To best help prospective students understand your school’s ROI advertise success stories of recent grads. This can be done through alumni blogs, job placement metrics, graduate school enrollment, and salaries earned. Forming partnerships with existing companies that create inclusive online communities and offer tech-specific job boards is also an excellent way to increase placement numbers for your graduates. Jopwell and Dice are both great resources.

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