Effective live video marketing does two things well: first, it tells a compelling story, one that the consumer can connect with. Secondly, it meets the consumer where he or she is present. In an environment where people have short attention spans and endless options for content and information, SaaS businesses can stand apart from the crowd if they make use of live video tools such as Snapchat Live, Facebook Live, and Live stories on Instagram. 

With these tools, you have an opportunity to tell a compelling, visual story and deliver it to client’s smartphones, tablets, and computers all without blowing your marketing budget.

Social media presents SaaS platforms with many opportunities to market themselves and their properties, but it’s important to know how to use the various social media channels for the right situations. Some, like Twitter, are great for communicating factual information (feature updates, product releases, company news), but with live video capabilities, companies now have an easy-to-use platform that virtually gets B2B clients engaged and enhances your brand as a customer-focused, innovative partner. Those who master this medium will have a scalable model for client engagement and can provide customers an effective, experiential, and convenient way to stay connected.

This style of marketing offers inexpensive, yet very powerful benefits, including:

  • Higher Visibility: The decision-makers that you’re appealing to are most likely utilizing these social platforms already, as they prospect and market to their own customers. It’s Marketing 101 to engage your customers in the locations where they spend the most time, however, the benefit of FB Live is that it also gives your users the option of being notified the next time you publish a new Live Video. Instagram Live does the same, providing you more opportunities to connect and make impressions.
  • Easy to use: The entire process involves taking a video with your phone while it streams to your Facebook or Instagram feed. Facebook Live even provides some editing features, while there are a variety of apps that enhance video feeds, which can be implemented when you reuse these videos later. In short, you don’t have to invest much in this tactic – only time and a decent smartphone.
  • Stand out from all the noise:  You have the chance to distinguish yourself from other brands that inhabit your market space, going beyond the conventional marketing tactics that your prospects are already being inundated by. 
  • Improve your brand: Even for those who are just lurking, they will see you as a highly interactive, personable partner who embraces current technology in an effort to connect with clients. This is a way to sell yourself and establish your ability to meet your client’s wants and needs.
  • Interactive: Consider that Facebook Live videos get 10x more comments than other types of posts. More engagement means more attention.
  • Scale: The process of content creation and curation is an arduous one. Thankfully, pursuing this manner of marketing allows for recycling and repurposing. Your same Live video can be reshared and published across all social media platforms: it can be cut into snippets to be shared on Youtube or Instagram Stories; the highlight of your video can be utilized as an ad on Facebook or Youtube; the full-length clip can be turned into a piece of gated content; transcribed and repurposed into a blog,  or just used as additional prospective collateral for your sales team. Live video is one of the most versatile pieces of content you can squeeze value out of. 

We’ve learned that when it comes to social media consumption, people love video and seek it out more than anything else (videos in social channels generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined). Millennials, especially, are enamored with video, as four times as many prefer to watch a video than read an article.


In our fast-paced world filled with instant gratification, it’s clear that video platforms are becoming the most effective way of reaching your audience. But to use these tools effectively you should take these things into consideration:

  • Length: Remember, these videos are live, and people are likely to join at various times during the streaming video. A video that’s at least 15-20 minutes is good — it provides people with enough time to join and engage during the stream. In fact, an analysis of 100 million Facebook videos indicates that viewer engagement increases the longer the video lasts, up until about 16 minutes.
  • Script your video, but not too much: Do a dry run, but don’t worry too much about getting every word right. In fact, while poise and polish are important, consumers crave authenticity most of all – at least according to a survey by SocialMediaToday which says that 86% of consumers prioritize authenticity when choosing a brand to support or like. 
  • Timing is everything: For live videos (like Facebook Live), it’s best to film at a time when you can get users when they’re not distracted by other demands (lunchtime, evenings, weekends). Remember, users aren’t bound to an office or any physical limitations. As long as they have their smartphones, they can watch from almost anywhere. For Instagram and Snapchat, keep in mind that videos vanish after 24 hours.
  • Capture leads: Ask your subscribers to follow you on this particular channel and keep referring them to your website where they can learn more as well as join your mailing list.

Live video options from Facebook and Instagram are as easy to use as snapping a picture. Businesses who take advantage of them will discover an entirely new way of getting the attention of new clients and servicing the ones they already have. From a branding and customer service perspectives, live video can enhance how you’re viewed, thus improving your ability to get serious prospects who want to use your platform.