Lead Conversion Report Card: Measuring Your Solutions

Oct 26, 2020 | Lead Management, All, Blog

It’s no secret that lead conversion is a process many struggle to do on their own. 48% of companies say they have sales staff who handle lead conversion as part of their job. Despite handing salespeople this extra responsibility, 44% of professionals say their biggest problem with current lead conversion approaches is salespeople being too busy

There are many ways a lead conversion solution can help align your sales funnel. But some practices are likely setting you back, both in money and in time. We took the liberty of creating a good, old-fashioned report card rubric to help you gauge where your company may be losing money and opportunities:


An “F,” or failed lead conversion solution is just a lot of wasted money and time. After the lead is generated, your team takes over 24 hours just to follow up. They keep calling and can’t connect with leads. You might even be paying for lead generation and hiring more salespeople to try and chase down all of the leads, especially those coming in after hours. This automatically means a lot of money is being spent without closing deals due to a lack of connection and conversion.


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[D-: Doesn’t use an ISA to handle the middle of the funnel.]


A D-average lead conversion solution means your team follows up over 24 hours after a lead is generated. The team still only calls leads and maybe tries sequencing with email. Marketing spends a lot of money on lead generation but hires an ISA, or specific lead conversion staff, to handle the middle of the funnel. You’re still missing a lot of leads that are coming in after hours.


[D+/C-: Follows up between 12-24 hours.]


A C-average lead conversion solution includes following up within 24 hours of a lead being generated but still not really establishing speed-to-lead. You may utilize a bot or chatbot to handle qualification for leads, however, some leads are lost because of the lack of personalization from the chatbots. You may see a slightly increased conversion rate but not an extreme amount of ROI. There are more leads being generated by the chatbot but, because of lack of follow-up, some opportunities are lost.


[C+/B-: If your team follows up within a few hours of leads being generated, you’re seeing a bit more opportunity than a C-average.] 


Your team follows up within an hour of leads being generated and is now leveraging a call center. Now your team is leveraging call and email to contact leads. The downside is it took 4 months to get up and running and your company had to pay for a software solution to sync with their CRM and additional training for representatives. 

[A-/B+: Call center is local/stateside and/or follow up is within 5 minutes of lead generation.]


Your team has hired a 24/7 modern contact center to handle speed-to-lead (5 minutes or less every time). The contact center is leveraging 2-way SMS conversation to capitalize on connecting with and converting leads. The possibly automated software you’re leveraging had to be built ($$) to sync with CRM but was a one-time fee. The contact center representatives step in where the AI is impersonal. It is possible onboarding may or may not have taken a while.

Did you know there are 8,000+ MarTech solutions? There is plenty of technology available but expensive and complex tech stacks aren’t cutting it, especially at the bottom of the funnel. Smart integration between systems is critical to success. For example, Verse is the only lead conversion platform and managed service in 2020 that integrates with any CRM solution, meaning you do not have to invest tons of time and money creating and maintaining additional software for the sake of a contact center. This simple solution is one more step to closing the lead conversion gap.

And the 100%, perfect score, A+ grade?

Your team hired a modern contact center called Verse who already has a built-in software ready to integrate with your CRM making the onboarding process inexpensive and quick (just a matter of days!). The contact center that gives a 100% lead conversion solution:

  • Crushes speed-to-lead every time (less than 5 minutes)
  • Utilizes omni channel communication with consumers 
  • Has AI-driven conversation and nurturing of leads over 6 months 
  • Has representatives trained and ready to maintain your branding while engaging with leads. 
  • Qualifies and converts lead via live transfer or by booking an appointment with your sales team. 


  • Sales can focus on taking meetings and calls with ready-to-buy prospects.
  • Every lead is validated
  • Marketing can use data to better understand lead behavior
  • More closed deals and revenue

If you want the maximum ROI on your leads without burning out your sales team, book a demo with us to see Verse in live-action. 

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