It’s the Lack of Lead Follow-Up For Me

Oct 16, 2020 | Lead Management, All, Blog, Sales

Following up with leads is named one of the biggest challenges to lead conversion for marketers and salespeople to date. In fact 41% of marketers and salespeople say following up with leads quickly, especially before they lose interest, is their most difficult feat in the middle of the sales funnel.

This is a serious problem as leads end up not buying because of it. Why do leads skip out when you don’t follow up with them in a timely manner? Because they:

  • Lose interest
  • Seek out your competition… yikes!
  • Feel unappreciated or unseen

If your team is in this boat, there are ways to prevent leads from falling through the cracks. More importantly, there is more revenue to capitalize on, so let that be your motivator. A good follow up strategy includes structure. But if you can put this strategy into action, you’ll reap the rewards very quickly:

Responding in a timely manner

This one is well known and another common problem for sales and marketing teams. Speed-to-lead is hard, sometimes impossible. But the likelihood of closing increases 2100% when you contact a lead within 5 minutes of generating. If you know this is impossible for your team, put something in place like a contact center or ISA (inside sales agent) to initiate contact.

Personalizing communication

While a lot of teams leverage a chatbot or technology to initiate contact, having absolutely no personalization can deter leads. Poorly designed or implemented bots can cause leads to never purchase from your company. A contact center would have real human representatives ready to step in and respond where a bot or AI-driven software can’t detect the need of personalization. It’s important to remember personalization can be the difference between a closed deal and closed lost.

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Omnichannel approach

“I keep calling but leads won’t pick up the phone.”
That’s because 89% of consumers prefer to text. People are typically shocked when they hear that stat, but it’s true. In fact, texting is going to be the best chance at connecting or following up with your leads. Although text is highly favored, an omnichannel approach, offering 2-way text, phone call AND email, is going to make sure the consumer is comfortable and most optimally available to chat.

A follow-up schedule

Nurturing leads is just as important to the middle of the funnel as connecting with leads. There are many leads who are interested but just not quite ready to buy. Set up a follow-up schedule over 6 months, utilizing the preferred method of communication for the lead. Follow up biweekly for the first 6 weeks, then space it out monthly. No matter how you set up your schedule, DON’T STOP FOLLOWING UP. Dig up the gold waiting to be found!

“I have never seen a salesperson lose a piece of business because they were too persistent.” – Colleen Francis, The Sales Leader

Tracking communications

To maintain a healthy and consistent follow-up schedule, you’ll need to track your communications with leads. Use a CRM tool that will log each interaction. Your CRM should help you stay on top of lead follow-up without losing or forgetting leads. Many teams have CRMs but don’t utilize them enough. Don’t make the same mistake. Treat every tool as a stepping stone to more closed deals.

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