Is Marketing Dead? Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer Lead Conversion To Their Clients.

Is Marketing Dead? Why Marketing Agencies Should Offer Lead Conversion To Their Clients.

Why do marketing agencies and lead generation companies get fired? It’s not because they didn’t deliver leads. At least, not usually. In fact, these are two responses you might hear from a client:

“The leads just weren’t quality.”

“We called, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone.”

“Our conversion rates are too low, so the leads aren’t worth the spend.”

A smart marketer would be able to see through this quickly. Often a quick audit of generated leads actually reveals the low lead-to-sales conversion rate has nothing to do with the top of the sales funnel. In fact, most of these leads are:

Good leads who didn’t hear back from your clients
Leads who sat in the CRM for hours, even days, before receiving a response from sales
High intent prospects who purchased somewhere else because of lack of response

This is when finger pointing starts. However, when B2B organizations are asked what their top priority is, many will say converting qualified leads into paying customers sits at first on their list. So, instead of blaming marketing or sales for the giant gap in the funnel, let’s solve the problem:

Verse for Marketing and Sales

Marketers: you know your clients best. Investigate the client’s lead management skills as a team. Are their salespeople truly following up with leads quickly and consistently? Are they calling multiple times but not connecting? Have they tried using text to communicate with customers? Is there a nurturing process in place?

89% of consumers prefer 2-way text communication over phone calls or email

The answer is likely no to at least one of these, and that “no” equates to money and opportunity left on the table. The leads are generated and provided for your client to convert, but their team just isn’t successfully doing so.

So in order to solve the problem, their salespeople need:

  • Better speed-to-lead
  • More channels of communication offered to leads
  • Better lead nurture

With the majority of leads preferring text communication, leveraging a Lead Conversion Platform with an included modern contact center would supply the most optimal chance at connecting with and converting leads. This service would allow every lead to be contacted within 5 minutes of generation:

“Hey, this is Alex Parker from Gateway Mortgage. I see you filled out an inquiry online through our website. Do you have a few minutes to chat on the phone, or would you prefer to text?”

Talk to a Verse Lead Conversion Specialist to see how we can help

Through qualifying questions and a 6 month lead nurture, your client’s sales team can focus their time on booked appointments with ready-to-purchase buyers. Because of the maximum conversion rates and supported sales team, many companies see a 10% or greater increase in revenue within six to nine months. The gold is in the mine, so let a Lead Conversion Platform, like Verse, dig for it. Your client’s salespeople should focus on closing deals while you focus on generating quality leads.


Marketing agencies and lead generation companies should consider making Verse a default part of their service suite. This ensures you are proactive about your client’s lead conversion, separating your agency from the competition and signalling that you really care about your client’s business. Your client’s will see the ROI immediately and thank you many times over for solving one of the most critical challenges they face. Everybody wins when Verse handles your client’s lead.