Building a Solid Foundation for Your Carpentry Business: Inbound Marketing

Sep 15, 2021 | All, Blog, Home Services | 0 comments

The carpentry business is a competitive field. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned contractor looking to revamp your business model, as a carpenter you know – everything you build needs a solid base. With 221,944 carpentry businesses in America, it is always good to explore new business practices and marketing ideas, to then strategically apply them to gain an upper hand over competitors.

One of the most innovative and important plans of action implemented by many successful contractors, including carpenters, is the development of an inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing represents a thoughtful, strategic approach to developing relationships with customers, prospects, and leads through powerful content. The success of inbound marketing comes from a fundamental understanding of your service buyers and what resources they need, and when they need it.

Essentially, inbound marketing focuses on supplying valuable content to your carpentry customers while simultaneously driving growth for your business. This makes your marketing efforts more cost-effective and your revenue stream – more robust.

Developing an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

To understand inbound marketing better, picture your content as your voice. Content is your ability to provide the answers and insights that your customers desperately need. If your customers or prospects find your information useful and relevant on a regular basis, your content will be a continual source to turn to when solving problems related to their home improvement projects.

Every consumer has access to web search and is finding information at any turn. When you truly understand your customers, their behaviors and needs, you have knowledge of their opinions, motivations, and goals. This helps align your content to the needs of your buyers because you empathize with their struggles and setbacks.

Inbound marketing is substantially different from outbound marketing as the latter disrupts the consumer with content and information they don’t need nor want. Essentially, outbound marketing is just throwing any content at your consumers without understanding their needs and what content will be helpful for them. With that in mind, remember that inbound marketing requires putting on the lens of guidance. When your customers are happy and successful, your business, in return, is thriving as well. You can only win when your customers win. 

Rather than forcing content on consumers, you can maximize your success with customers by focusing your time on content creation that attracts the right customers with the most impact. Your inbound marketing efforts can help you build relationships with your market through the gathering of information from each individual customer and providing them with the most natural and obvious solutions for their immediate needs. 

87% of buyers say that content that is shared by an industry leader carries more weight. This trust is solidified when they benefit from your shared wisdom as they now see you as a consistent resource they can turn to in a time of need.

Optimize Your Inbound Marketing With Verse

Fast forward a few months into the future. Your new inbound marketing strategy has been a massive success after using the tips and tricks laid out above, now your carpentry business has more leads than it can handle. Fear not…Verse is here!

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