What are some ways that businesses can improve the employee experience with technology? The answer is simple – have a clear understanding of what your employees need to do their job, then design tools that will help them be more productive.

Happy, engaged employees are more productive and motivated to do impactful work. Customer-facing employees become ambassadors for their business and this, in turn, drives a better customer experience. Happy customers often make repeat purchases and continue the business relationship longer.

The quality of your digital tools can make or break employee experience. By leveraging next-generation technology and giving employees exactly what they are looking for you’ll be able to create a robust work experience.  While there are a variety of ways tech can enhance employee experience, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of the 5 most important below.

Streamline internal communications

Seamless and effective internal communications enable businesses to fully utilize the unique knowledge and insights of their employees. 

When it is easier to communicate internally, open discussions and knowledge sharing help to build a strong community and foster good relationships between employees and departments, enabling workers to feel confident, happy, and empowered.

This can be established with good internal communication tools. Emails are too easy to overlook because employees already receive hundreds each day. Announcements made through app-based notifications or digital signage are much more likely to stand out. 

Employee learning and development

One of the most valuable tools you can provide for your employees is investing in their education. Today’s top tier employees crave mastery and digitalization is driving more demand for competitive skills. 

For organizations, investing in learning and development resources, like a coding bootcamp or graphic design courses goes above and beyond regular training and can be a valuable asset to employees.

Learning technology enables the organization to close skills gaps, create an adept, adaptable workforce, improve employee development plans and strengthen the skills of employees—which can generate a 14-29% increase in profit.

Improve collaboration

Collaboration tools have become ubiquitous with remote work in recent years, and studies show they do, in fact, enhance the way employees work together. Tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Miro have proven to make working together easier— something employees gladly welcome.

Optimize self-services

Self-service capabilities in HR and non-HR systems provide significant time savings for the business, but the applications must be simple to use. If the system requires significant effort, such as needing a manual or the help of a colleague, employees won’t use it. Making it simple for an employee to do tasks like changing their personal data, viewing their pay slip or looking up another employee on the org chart can help employees focus on more important tasks and alleviate roadblocks to success. Ensuring that the system works well, can be accessed on mobile devices, and has simple workflows that can easily be followed to completion will create a streamlined environment.

Reignite office friendships

The correlation between workplace friendships and employee experience is evident, but can it survive in the modern remote landscape? With traditional happy hours and team-building activities on hold, your employees are looking for new ways to connect with colleagues.

Hosting virtual book clubs, coffee chats, trivia nights, and encouraging the use of intranet communication through different channels are ways to adapt to the WFH era. 

It’s oftentimes minuscule details  that make the biggest impact on the employee experience — for better or worse. For example, frequent technology issues that make it difficult to get through a virtual meeting or commuting to the office only to spend valuable time looking for a meeting room sound like minor inconveniences. Over time, however, these small annoyances can add up and create discontent in otherwise happy employees. The good news is that as a business, you have even more opportunity to use technology that improves  employee experience for everyone in your business.

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