How to Save Your Sales Team from Burnout

Aug 3, 2020 | Coaching, All, Blog, Sales

A high lead volume isn’t necessarily a bad problem to have, but your sales team may be suffering from severe burnout. The pressure of connecting with leads combined with the stress of trying to reach the whole often results in a sales team closing less deals. 

Salespeople are ambitious and often go-getters. While they’re always going to do their best to reach every lead, their human bandwidth will always leave them falling short. As a sales leader, your team should be able to count on you to put systems in place that encourage a consistent and profitable outcome.

If you want to see your team succeed without burnout, you’re going to have to invest in new ideas, philosophies and solutions:

1. Always be closing prospecting.

Yes, “always be closing” is the motto. But sometimes this philosophy can lead to extreme frustration when sales is constantly chasing leads that aren’t closing. And when a sales team cannot close deals, morale tends to quickly plummet. 

Shift your mentality to “always be prospecting,” you’ll find your sales team gaining momentum. A strong prospecting strategy leads to high-intent and quality leads. If your sales team can start to separate the quality from the unqualified, they’ll close more deals. To read more tips on prospecting and best investments, we linked some here.

2. Separate work from home life (even in remote work).

Now more than ever, this is vital. Before COVID-19, there might have been the problem of sales taking phone calls at dinner or on weekends. But now, with work being more consistently brought into your home, it’s vital to keep things as separate as possible. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Set up an office area where you can focus and maintain efficiency. Do not use that area or room for anything but work. This ensures clear separation between personal and professional.
  • Create or maintain routine. Give yourself a sense of normalcy and momentum. Choose things to consistently do throughout your day that will bring you rhythm. Dress like you were going to the office or a meeting (yes, even wearing professional pants on that Zoom call will help you separate loungewear and downtime from work. 
  • Get outside. Spend some time outdoors on breaks or in your free time. Listen to an audiobook, bike, spend time with family and friends. No matter what you do, getting outside and getting out of your house will help boost your mood and help separate you from the work that waits for you at home.

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3. Skip the expensive offshore call center. Try a lead conversion software.

Sales cannot possibly reach every single lead when dealing with high volume. Even more so, they’re typically burned out from filtering through the leads who aren’t going to purchase. It’s ultimately wasted time for salespeople. 

Many sales teams know this and decide to hire an offshore call center with a newly built software and trained representatives. While this feels like a decent outsource, it’s actually incredibly expensive and tedious, sometimes taking 6-12 months to put into full effect. Even more so, there are still lots of leads that fall through the cracks.

Verse was created to relieve sales without costing an arm and a leg. We built a 24/7 contact center with AI-driven conversational technology to initiate contact with and qualify your leads via SMS. This immediately relieved sales teams from chasing down unqualified leads and wasting time. Now, sales can focus on closing deals and bringing in more revenue.

Our representatives are on standby to step in when necessary, and we have a speedy onboarding process to get a custom script that maintains your brand’s voice. Maintaining your reputation and customer service satisfaction keeps the “personal touch” in the middle of the funnel that sales would have otherwise handled. Now your qualified leads are left feeling catered to and head into an appointment with sales carrying a pleasant experience.

If you want to learn more about how Verse can help prevent your sales team from burnout, watch our walkthrough to see all of the benefits our software and contact center can provide.

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