How to Launch a Contact Center in Days with Verse + Zapier

Sep 30, 2020 | Coaching, All, Blog, Resources

Outsourcing a business process, especially inbound lead qualification and conversion services, is hard. It can typically take an average of 3-6 months for companies to onboard and launch an outsourcing initiative with a typical BPO or outsourced Call Center. Not to mention, a whole lot of work to get it right! Oftentimes, the major hold-up centers around systems integrations, technology / CRM setups, and hands on training needed for contact center reps.

From the beginning, Verse sought out to create a contact center in the cloud: one that can be integrated seamlessly with all major CRMs and launched for businesses in days instead of months. How do we do that? There are 3 major components:

  1. CRM Integrations via Zapier.
  2. Conversation Engine
  3. 24/7 Concierge Team

CRM Integrations via Zapier.

Leveraging Zapier was an easy decision for Verse’s team as we needed something that would connect our software to any CRM or tools our customers use. More than that, we wanted to make sure the onboarding process was nothing but smooth and timely for our customers, which meant allowing us to get customers set up with Verse in a matter of days. Zapier became our “third arm,” helping Verse maintain fluid lead management and customer satisfaction simultaneously. With Verse’s Zapier Integration, customers can set up easy rule-based criteria on how to send leads over to Verse, and can also easily update CRMs back in real-time as Verse converts and qualifies leads.

Conversation Engine

Typically, businesses have to train representatives how to use their software, be it a CRM, telephony, etc. This adds a lot of friction to the process as reps need to be trained from scratch every time, and businesses aren’t typically equipped with the most modern, best-in-class technology. One of the core reasons someone should leverage Verse is primarily because the best technology is already built in for you. Verse’s Conversation Engine uses 2-Way SMS, phone, and email communication combined with AI, natural-language understanding, and lead scoring for conducting automated, timely, authentic, and contextually relevant conversations with leads, quickly and at-scale.

24/7 Concierge Team

The Verse Conversion Cloud™ identifies when a potential customer wants to interact, and a Verse concierge steps into the conversation quickly to provide human touch at just the right moments. Verse concierges are staffed 24/7, and are a shared resource, which means businesses are never overstaffed or understaffed, but instead perfectly staffed at all times. All our concierges receive regular, world-class training in how to connect with leads, represent your brand well, and carry on friendly, authentic conversations to answer questions, gather qualifying information, and handoff to your sales teams. At Verse, we took the approach of training our reps on how to use our software, not memorize scripts. We then took the approach of standardizing a scripting framework that can be easily integrated into our software, making it so any contact center rep can pick up a new account and work a lead flawlessly with no account-specific training needed. To make onboarding a breeze, we’ve also created playbooks for lead conversion in verticals like Real Estate, Solar, Mortgage, Home Services, Financial Services, and SaaS.

So how can a business launch a Contact Center in days? Easy, Verse + Zapier.

  1. Create Verse account through one of our Client Success team members. They are ready to help you get your information put in quickly.
  2. Create Zapier account.
  3. Set up a zap with your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.) to post leads to Verse via Zapier. This “zap” will send your leads to us right away.
    And no, you don’t have to be a developer or know coding to do this part. Zapier uses basic information to get your CRM and Verse’s software connected quickly.
  4. Set up another zap to post updates back into your CRM. This will let your team see real-time insights and conversations, live!
  5. Set up one last zap between the “Lead Qualified” switch and a party light. Your team can choose between live transfers or booked appointments and this “zap” will let you know when your lead is ready to talk to your sales team.

✨ Voila! Lead conversion manifesto! ✨ Zapier allows you to be up and running with Verse in a few days instead of weeks or months. Our team can start qualifying and nurturing old and new leads alike and your sales and marketing teams can focus on their respective tasks without worrying about leads falling through the cracks. Watch your conversion rates and revenue soar much quicker with Verse and our handy partner, Zapier. For more information on Zapier, check out their FAQ.