How to Create and Repurpose Content

Aug 10, 2020 | Marketing, All, Blog

Marketers know that quality content generates quality leads, especially in the long run. But being able to push out consistent quality content can lead to a bit of burnout. Learning how to create repurposable content is one of the smartest ways to capitalize on both your time and creative efforts as a team.

The famous 80/20 rule regarding content marketing stems from the concept of spending 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. Yet often this is not the case for marketing teams with much less time spent promoting. Content without the marketing is just content. No one will read it or see it if you don’t do anything with it.

Your content and the marketing that comes with it will drive not only more leads, but highly qualified ones. Essentially, content marketing should be seen as “work smarter, not harder.” So we came up with simple ways to create content geared toward repurposing it on other channels:

  1. Video – Use video to elaborate on sections or themes from your blog posts. Video is shown to make a consumer 46% more likely to purchase a service or product. Not to mention, video provides authentic elements to your blogs. A short YouTube video is perfect to repurpose your blogs. 
  2. Infographics – When writing “how-tos,” step-by-step, or data-heavy blogs, use the storyline or data to create infographics for social media posts or email marketing. It’s an easy visual for your consumers to skim through before committing to a full read.

  3. Spinoff blogs – If you have sections of blogs that could be expanded or further discussed, use the research you have to write a spinoff. With research and knowledge about the subject ahead of time, this can mean quick content creation that can link to your previous blogs or white papers.
  4. Webinar/podcast – Bring in an expert. Know another executive with great expertise on your blog topic? Invite them in for a webinar or podcast to discuss more. Refer to the blog as key points or themes, but get a deeper dive into the topic with someone who can provide even more value to your blog information. This also further establishes trust with consumers who engage with your content.
  5. Post series and carousels – Why are series and carousels so great? It’s all about content that retains your audience. Not just stop scrolling and liking the post, but engaging, reading, and actually comprehending your content. Series and carousels do exactly that. They give some sort of cliffhanger leaving a reader to want more, scroll through the carousel, wait for the next series post, etc. Leave your audience wanting more and they will definitely engage more!

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