Every successful agent knows that the “follow up” to a lead can make or break its success in conversion. Like we’ve alluded to before, the entire sales cycle in buying a home can be long and arduous, and oft-times calls for an agent to nurture a lead throughout that time for both the buyer and the agent. On average, the amount of time it takes the buyer to go from online inquiry to actually signing on the dotted line is upwards of 1 year. So often during this exploratory time, the buyer is really just scanning the internet to see what the market might look like. Perhaps they put their information into a lead generating service like Trulia or Zillow. You then receive the lead and begin getting to work on following up with the lead. If you’re the average agent, chances are you’re going to attempt to contact the lead a measly 1.3 times. This number is far too low, and needless to say satisfy the amount of nurture that an average lead requires.  Heck, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be the first agent to contact the lead. If so, studies indicate you have a 72% chance of working with that lead. Otherwise, surely some other agent is going to come in and scoop up your missed opportunity.

However, you’re a seasoned veteran in this game–you don’t want to leave your success to chance…

If only there was a service that did the heavy lifting for you. If only there was a company out there keeping these long-term leads warm for you with constant contact over the long haul so you don’t have to…If you’ve been a Verse user for some time now, you know what Verse is all about.

  • With Verse you see a 300X higher conversion rate with your leads.
  • You have power of a tech-powered, human operated inside sales team working on your behalf to contact and qualify your leads 24/7/365
  • Your leads are being responded to 10 times over a 2 week span.*
  • Every lead is responded to within 5 minutes.
  • Whenever a lead is qualified you are notified immediately via SMS text message.
  • If for some reason you don’t have the resources to completely follow up with the leads that are being qualified that you can refer the lead within a community of 30,000 connected agents and get a commission from that lead once it’s converted.

And if you haven’t worked with us… now you know. We’ve been helping top teams for a while now. After learning what works we noticed the massive opportunity that wasn’t being taken advantage of – one which we alluded to above.

Leads were far too often contacted within the first few weeks of inception but left to wither away as the months rolled along…

But that is a thing of the past now.

With Verse Nurture, you are exposed to all of the benefits described above. On top of that, you are also aided in the long term nurture of any and all leads that come your way. With Nurture we respond to leads on your behalf for up to 6 months! After Verse’s initial engagement process has ended, you now have the ability to Nurture the lead over the long haul.

With Verse, you now position yourself to be the first agent to contact the lead (within 5 minutes), VASTLY exceed the industry standard of the amount of attempts, and you are keeping the lead influenced with your expertise for the entire length of the sales cycle.

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