Home Services: Leverage Text to Engage with Leads

Feb 1, 2021 | Lead Management, All, Blog, Home Services

The home services industry has one of the highest lead volumes in the business world. With massive amounts of inbound leads, engaging with leads has become a prominent problem with salespeople. However, many miss the idea of leveraging text to initiate connection with these leads.

Texting isn’t what it used to be. As Robocallers and junk mail became a more frustrating interruption in consumer’s day to day life, text communication took off and replaced the formerly favored phone call conversation. Now, nearly everyone who has a cell phone has unlimited text and 89% of consumers prefer to communicate this way than by phone or email.

While a phone call might require more commitment for the consumer, a quick text conversation to qualify your leads can be much more attainable for potential customers. Additionally, this approach allows the consumer to be comfortable answering questions and increases the positive impression of the brand or product your business is representing.

Why Leverage Text to Engage with Leads?

It would be a costly mistake to skip text messaging as a form of communicating with leads. Overall, text message response rates are over 209% higher than Facebook, phone calls, or email.  This is because nearly 98% of text messages end up getting read and the average response time is around 90 seconds.

More importantly, phone calls are incredibly disruptive. Many buyers today claim how frustrating it is to receive multiple phone calls from unknown numbers, especially when they’re at work or busy with other important things. Texting relieves this problem as it’s not nearly as disruptive and responses can be made quickly without disturbing a consumer’s day to day agenda.

Effective consumer engagement is about making them feel like their voice matters. That they are a part of brand creation and not just simply a means to an end. Customers these days aren’t just looking for a product or service that meets their short-term needs. They’re looking for something that gives them a positive experience well after the transaction has been completed.

The Universal Reach of Text

Texting is the ultimate way to maximize your lead engagement. Over 5 billion people own either a smartphone or a regular cell phone. Social media ads or mobile app notifications can often be ignored. Emails can sit unopened in an inbox for days or even weeks and that’s if they even decide to open them in the first place. 

Texting, on the other hand, is instant. Only 6% of businesses are leveraging text despite the fact text is the most universal way to reach and communicate with consumers.


Text Provides Better Customer Responses

Texting is a form of customer engagement that puts the power back into the consumer’s hands. When given the chance to read and respond in their own time, customers feel more comfortable and aren’t disrupted with phone calls or copious amounts of emails in their inbox. Consumers can take the time to formulate a quick and honest response that’s invaluable for understanding who your customers are. 

Our customers at Verse can see live conversations as they happen. Their marketing teams can better understand the behavior of their buyers and use this information to target their market more effectively. 

This is huge. Not only does it help better allocate spend toward better lead generation, whether outsourced or in house, but it also helps sales develop more personable relationships with their customers.

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The Verse Method for Ultimate Lead Conversion

Our method combines 2-way text, omnichannel communication, AI software, and a team of highly trained human concierges. 

This combination creates a powerful platform that manages, nurtures, and qualifies leads. Authentic responses to leads happen 24/7 within 5 minutes of filling out an inquiry, every time. The common response from leads with such a quick turn around?

“Wow, that was fast.”

Qualified leads that aren’t quite ready to buy are put into our AI-driven nurturing campaign that will later contact them at a time of their choosing.

This system doesn’t ignore stale or unresponsive leads either. The AI will continue to nurture them for the next six months and will monitor for any sign of engagement. If any sign is made, then a trained concierge team instantly steps in to respond to that lead and help qualify them.

The home services industry is always inundated with a high number of leads but engaging with all of them effectively can be difficult when using conventional advertising methods. Which is why Verse utilizes the universal platform of text to sort through and communicate to every single lead in the right way, while still offering phone calls and emails to buyers who prefer other communication.

Not only is text the best tool to use for your leads but Verse is the best service that efficiently uses text without compromising your brand or your voice. Our conversion rates are higher than any other competitor. The unique blend of AI-driven software and our US-based team of professional concierges ensures that we remain the leader in lead conversion. 

Give your company the best chance to engage your leads with Verse. More converted leads means more closed deals. More closed deals means more revenue. 

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