Texting Leads: Should Home Remodelers Be Using SMS?

Aug 9, 2021 | All, Blog, Home Services

Texting leads used to be invasive. But is that true now? Find out if home remodelers are communicating with leads the right way.

Should Home Remodelers Be Responding to Customer Inquiries via SMS?

The latest Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) forecasts growth in the remodeling market will continue to rise through 2021 and into 2022. COVID-19 saw a huge boom of DIY projects in 2020, but the world is opening back up and many of those projects started last year have gone unfinished and now need some professional help. 

Generating and capturing leads is always a tough task for remodelers but, once a lead is in, it is essential to be able to connect with the new customer. The communications technologies and communications styles are constantly evolving. This makes it critical for remodeling businesses to keep up with the trends and connect with their customers using their preferred communication methods. 

Texting leads has become the favored and effective way for residential contractors. In fact, according to Mobile Monkey, 67% of people would rather communicate with a business via SMS than via email or phone. Therefore, the short answer to your question “should I be texting my leads?” is a resounding YES!

Why Calling Is No Longer King 

Robocallers, cold calls, and scammers have caused sales teams across all industries to struggle connecting with leads. Consumers are resistant to answering calls, especially when they don’t recognize  the  phone  number,  due  to  the  friction  that  spam  callers  have  caused  around phone communication.

People are also busier than ever and sometimes they simply just aren’t near their phone. According to Sales Leads, 80% of sales calls go directly to voicemail.Considering salespeople spend 15% of their day leaving voicemails, and response rates are 5%, much time and opportunities to make sales are wasted!! 

Calling, although not entirely obsolete, has taken a giant step back to make way for the new king of contacting leads: Texting. 

Why Texting Leads is Best

Who doesn’t text these days? SMS has become a ubiquitous form of communication. Your friends and family text you. Your colleagues text you. And now its remodelers turn to text you! 

Only 48% of businesses are equipped to handle messaging, according to Intelligent Contacts. The fast-paced surge of technology has created a drastic change in consumer behaviors and communications styles. Thus, texting with its instant gratification and faster, shorter interactions has surpassed longer and slower phone conversations of the past. 

Texting is easy and can be done at the customer’s convenience, with minimal interruption to their daily tasks, and without being intrusive and committal like a phone call. If that’s not convincing enough, here are some important stats on texting leads:

  • 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes of being delivered (SMS comparison)
  • In 2020, businesses have increased their spend on text marketing automation platforms by 56% (SMS comparison)
  • Only 6% of salespeople are texting their leads (Ascend2)

Should Remodelers Only Text?

Whether you remodel kitchens, baths, or any other parts of the house, lead generation in the remodeling market is a challenge on many levels. Despite texting’s effectiveness, only offering one contact option still leaves missed opportunities.

Using a multichannel approach allowing your prospective customers to connect with your business is the best way to engage with the most amount of leads. When initially engaging with leads, we at Verse text first and ask the lead their preferred method of communication. Then, the lead can respond with their preference and the conversation can continue according to the medium they want to be reached at.

It’s as simple as asking and delivering when it comes to a potential customer’s needs. A customer will respect that you are considerate of their time and needs when it comes to doing business together. Communicating through your customers’ favored medium can help gain their trust and make them see your business as more trustworthy.


Texting leads will create a much more personal, trustworthy relationship and prompt response. Not only that, but your prospects will feel more comfortable and be able to respond at their own pace. By adopting SMS and, possibly, partnering with a 24/7 modern contact center like Verse.io, a remodeler can achieve more effective communication with customers and make more sales. With our smart cadence and a powerful combination of AI and human concierges, we monitor and record which communication works best for your customers along with the best time and day to communicate with them.

Verse continues to follow up with leads until we are able to qualify them and set an appointment for your sales team. Needless to say, texting leads is the most effective way to communicate with your prospective customers. Stay ahead of the competition and start leveraging text.

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