How Growth Marketing Automation Starts with Lead Experience

Apr 19, 2021 | All, Blog, Marketing

Marketing automation isn’t foreign to companies as nearly everyone is utilizing at least one of the 8000+ Martech solutions out there. While some are using it to improve customer engagement (36%), most are using it for lead capture only (61%). And yet, most of these marketers say they aren’t seeing the results they’d desire to see. 

That’s because lead capture isn’t solving all of the problems. Yes, generating leads is important to keep business growing. But what happens after the lead fills out a form through a Chatbot?

You could generate 200,000 leads and none of it would matter if they aren’t qualified to buy. This is where the all too common argument between sales occurs:

Marketing: We’re generating thousands of leads a month, why aren’t you closing deals?

Sales: Because your leads are weak! (Alec Baldwin, anyone?)

Marketing: No, you guys just aren’t doing what you’re supposed to do!

And so forth. Where is the real problem? It’s hard to tell. For all we know, the leads are high intent and sales have a slow follow up. Maybe they only attempt to contact a lead a couple of times before moving on to the next and forgetting the last. That would be their mistake. However, sales could be following up quickly and nurturing leads effectively but the leads are truly low quality or low intent.

Ultimately, this is why lead capture marketing automation isn’t enough. It won’t give you anything but fuzzy data on your lead generation ROI. Successful customer acquisition and retention hinge on the ability to have an exceptional lead experience. The only way to truly understand if your lead generation efforts are effective is to close the gap between sales and marketing and give your leads the experience they desire.

Finding Support for the Lead Experience

Consistency and speed are crucial in providing an exceptional lead experience because it helps to set goals, tailor and personalize lead experiences, create relationships, and foster trust. It can also be the difference between a lead purchasing from you or seeking out your competition.

There has been a shift in the power dynamic between company and consumer, so much so, that 80% of customers say the experience is as important as the product/services they purchase. Essentially, marketers have needed to pivot to those needs of customers.

The masses want to feel like they have an intimate relationship with a company. Your leads should feel like you’ve catered their entire journey to their exact needs. Every customer is unique – with different communication preferences, timelines, and goals. That’s where a marketing automation revolved around customer journeys and engagement will produce more results for both you and your leads.

Growth Marketing Automation

In order to choose the right marketing automation, a few things must be considered:

  1. How do we make the sales process for leads a positive and even motivating experience?
  2. How do we make sure we can maximize our lead generation efforts?
  3. How can we support sales in their follow up and nurturing with leads to close maximum deals?

With the consumers at the forefront of your mind and internal optimization following, you can better choose from the Martechs that provide solutions to these objectives. Remember, the main purpose is less about capturing leads and more so about the ability to engage and follow up with leads you’re already generating on their time and in their own preferred channel. The positive experiences for leads could result in becoming a lifelong customer.

How Verse Supports Growth and Optimization

Verse has considered all of the criteria for a “maximum result” with leads. We first considered the leads themselves and their buying behavior. After 2010, a shift began to take place where texting took over as the main method of communication. We also discovered how much more likely a lead would respond when we followed up with their inquiry within 5 minutes. Speed matters to customers.

So we got to work to create our very own 24/7 lead conversion software and contact center. Your inbound leads come in from an ad or an online inquiry form. We follow up within 5 minutes via text, asking their preferred method of contact (text, phone, email). 

After qualifying a lead, we directly book an appointment with a sales team so they don’t have to vet the leads themselves. Sales can focus on ready-to-buy leads and stop chasing after stale ones. If the lead becomes unresponsive, we nurture them for up to six months to ensure no lead gets left behind.

We also separate the leads by lead source so marketers can understand where their money is better spent. Essentially, this should solve the original problem of sales and marketing. Now that the most optimal follow up is put in place for sales, marketing can utilize the data from each lead source to confirm whether or not the lead generation efforts are valid or sustain ROI.

Lead generation is important. But leads are nothing without validation and optimized engagement. Invest in the Martech that will support your growth first. Then, bring on the lead generation.

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