Technology has found its way into every aspect of our lives, and car sales are no different. Today, office technology has enabled auto dealers to be more efficient and effective in their business. New technologies have given them the chance to better engage with customers, streamline administrative processes, and close on more projects.

The job of a marketer is to help bring leads in the door so the sales team has people to sell to. But in such a competitive industry—one where the consumer is making a rather large financial decision that will affect their everyday life—automotive marketers do not have it made in the shade.

To help dealerships with up-leveling their business operations, we’ve put together a list of some common technology stacks that are used in various industries, including auto dealers. These will give you an idea of what type of technology would be best suited for your business, as well as what the best uses for these technologies are. 

The New Normal has accelerated the auto industry’s race toward a superior Ecommerce driven customer experience for new car sales and after sales. Starting to use technology to your benefit can not only increase your productivity but can also help make more sales. 

Technical Applications for Auto Dealers

Developing a marketing strategy for your dealership requires some planning. You need to determine your target market and the most effective ways to reach them. Having the correct tools in place to best execute the marketing strategy is almost as important as the strategy itself.

When talking about productivity software and tech stacks that benefit dealerships specifically, you can break it down into each of their uses. 

The three main technologies that are used in the automotive industry are:

Customer Management

  • CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system, is used by auto dealers to keep customer contact details up to date, track every customer interaction, and manage customer accounts. It helps automotive marketers and salespeople improve relationships with their customers and nurture them for future sales opportunities. 74% of businesses who use a CRM say that it has significantly increased their access to customer data. 

Lead forms

  • Making sure your website is optimized through deployment of engaging lead forms is key for your business’s ability to obtain potential customers. Having the correct questions to be able to provide the best customer experience possible on the front end and enable your sales team to close the deal on the back end is an essential part of your business. When buying a car, search is the most common source; therefore, having many places for buyers to convert on your website is an essential function for exponential growth in sales. 

Bottom-of-the-funnel tech

  • After making your sales pitch  and attempting to turn your lead into a paying customer, it is more important than ever to close the deal! Implementing an eSignature and contracting platform like DocuSign can help speed up and automate these very important final-step processes. Online only dealers like Carvana or Shift have become factors in the automotive sales industry because they alleviate the buying process. Streamlining the buying journey with bottom-of-the-funnel tech in place can be the deciding factor for your customer if they purchase or not.


How Verse Can Help Auto Dealers

While integrating the three technology stacks mentioned above into your business operations will undoubtedly have a massive impact on your productivity, lead conversion is still an area where these tech stacks fall short. Luckily for you, can take care of this for you and manage all your leads!

Our next-generation lead conversion platform, engages, qualifies, nurtures, and converts inbound leads into new clients for our auto dealer customers. Our AI technology and human concierges help businesses with processing new leads and re-engaging old leads generated by your marketing efforts, booking appointments with and making call transfers to your sales team, and making your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers. 

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