It’s no secret that today, buyers are in control. They have more information than ever before and they’re not afraid to use it. A recent study from Forrester found that 80% of consumers expect companies to offer self-service online sales channels. Nearly half said they don’t want to talk with a salesperson on the phone or at an event. 

Customer satisfaction and constantly evolving to cater to your customers’ needs are essential for any modern business. Not only are you losing a sale when your customer is dissatisfied, but more than likely they are going to your closest competitor. 67% of customer churn can be prevented by resolving an issue during your first interaction with the customer. If you can remove friction from the experience, you have a substantial chance of keeping that customer satisfied and loyal. 

Less friction equals a better customer experience and customer experience is paramount in the digital age. 

In today’s fast-paced world of on-demand services, entertainment, and products, customers have high expectations. Consumers now expect to have a good customer experience––, an experience that works for them based on their preferences.

 Creating a frictionless buying experience is a highly strategic and indirect approach–– one one where you meet the needs of your target audience without disrupting their normal routines. 

What is Customer Friction?

Customer friction is any moment in the customer experience that impedes the customer from buying the product, having success with the product, or finding value in the product. Any hurdle a consumer has in the sales process can be considered a friction point. 

Customer friction is often confused with customer service, and while they can both result in, a poor customer experience, their root cause is usually different. Customer friction is created by flaws in either the product design or the purchase and delivery processes. Poor customer service is marked by flaws in execution.

Let’s say you noticed people starting conversations with your chat bot, but not converting into appointments or furthering the conversation. Then, you add AI + human powered on-demand support on your website/app integrating it with your chat bot.

This is a great example of removing friction; it eliminates the need for the customer to pick up the phone, call a number and give all their details to the agent or wait for a call back from a lead form. However, if the bot doesn’t resolve the issue effectively or point the customer in the correct direction, that’s poor customer service, and it negates the removal of friction.

To grow as a business, it’s vital to provide as friction-free an experience as possible to increase conversions and build brand loyalty.

Less Friction, More Money

To implement a frictionless buying experience the first thing your business needs to do is to identify your biggest friction points. It’s easier than ever to get to know your customers and identify what they want and how to deliver these exact moments to them. You can use modern technology, data collection, and innovative ideas to not just reduce unnecessary redundancy in your customer journey, but also offer them a better overall experience. For example, a footwear brand can alleviate friction in its buying process by asking customers to fill out a questionnaire on their style preferences. The questionnaire is simple and ensures the customer has a more tailored and friction-free experience because they will then only be suggested shoes that match their style.Customers value a frictionless buying process, and when done correctly, it can lead to a massive jump in sales

Other ways to  identify friction points can be by creating customer journey maps, conducting internal and external interviews/surveys, and analyzing website metrics. 

After you’ve identified your main friction points, implementing a strategy to remove those points is essential. Although each business should create a plan based on their own needs some you can execute more seamless transactions by:

  • Creating a clear, easy-to-navigate website that is optimized for mobile devices
  • Offering free shipping and returns to get people hooked on shopping with you
  • Using social media channels to provide customer service and build relationships
  • Providing an online chat feature so people can get in touch with you quickly 
  • Making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for by organizing your products into categories or filters

The Time to Go Frictionless is Now!

Frictionless buying is the new secret weapon for companies that want to improve their customer experiences. As customer experience becomes the main focus of forward-thinking companies all around the globe, you can’t afford to let your company fall behind by not meeting customers’ expectations. With an AI sales assistant, you can implement a frictionless process while propelling an unbelievably positive customer experience. 


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