Forbes: Why Marketing Agencies Need To Solve The Lead Conversion Gap For Clients

Oct 30, 2020 | News, All, Blog

Excerpt from:

Although complete marketing attribution is one of the toughest areas of a business to measure, lead generation companies and marketing agencies usually don’t get replaced due to a lack of demand or a lack of inbound leads. Typically in my experience, the clients who are pointing the fingers are the ones responsible for the problem at hand.

The client might say, “The leads were low quality.” Or maybe: “We called a bunch but couldn’t get a hold of many people.”

This all-too-common divide between sales teams and marketing agencies needs attention. Outsourcing marketing or lead generation requires having systems in place, even more than having an in-house team. Essentially, if your clients are paying for leads, every generation effort needs to be validated in some fashion.

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