Being yourself pays off with The Mortgage Geek

Sean Cahan – aka the Mortgage Geek – joins David in the 5th episode of the Power Agent Podcast! As President of Cornerstone Mortgage and a spandex savant, Sean discusses how embracing his inner geek helped him build his own brand. Tune in and learn how to stand out from the competition.

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Meet The Guest

Sean Cahan

Sean Cahan

President, Cornerstone Mortgage

Sean Cahan is the President of Cornerstone Mortgage Group and brings over 13 years of experience to our privately-owned bank, headquartered in San Diego. As president, he oversees the operations and production of over 650 million dollars in loans annually.

Sean was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Washington State University. Shortly after, he moved to San Diego where he met his wife, Chelsea. Together, they have two beautiful daughters; Annabelle and Isla. In his free time, Sean enjoys training for triathlons and travel around the world with his family.

The Mortgage Geek was created in 2015 to help educate the real estate community.