The Handoff: Convert and Qualify More HVAC Leads

Aug 23, 2021 | All, Blog, Home Services

In the HVAC industry, many contractors get countless inquiries from prospective customers. Yet not all of those HVAC leads deserve your attention. With the industry booming and expected to grow up to  82.5 billion by 2025, it’s important for HVAC professionals to know how to qualify a lead and determine if it’s worth following up on. 

When it comes to lead generation by a business, there is one thing that matters above all else: conversion rates. Conversion rates measure the percentage of people who have been contacted via marketing campaigns and sales calls and, later, converted into paying customers. In order to achieve high conversion rates and get a better return on the marketing/advertising spend, HVAC businesses should be focusing on the quality of generated leads rather than just their quantity.

Lead qualification is the process of determining what kind of an HVAC job the customer is looking to get completed and whether this lead is able (i.e. has a budget) and ready (i.e. prepared to make a decision soon) to pay for it. If done right, this allows you to convert as many leads into customers as possible while keeping your sales team effective and happy.  

The Best Way to Convert HVAC Leads Into New Customers

The lead is in, they have been qualified. Now what? 

This question is one that many face. There are three main steps to converting leads: 

  1. Establishing contact with the prospect and determining their needs, 
  2. Nurturing prospects until they’re ready for purchase, 
  3. Making your sales pitch at just the right time. 

The most effective strategy you can use when trying to convert HVAC leads, and leads in general, into new customers is establishing contact with them by following up on every lead you receive. This way you give yourself an opportunity to learn more about what they need from your company and hopefully turn them into a customer! Only 27% of leads get contacted by sales but, with the right approach, this metric can be increased up to 92% according to Forbes. But first things first. Without contacting your lead it’s impossible to convert them. So, it is imperative to engage as many leads as possible, as fast as possible

How to Qualify HVAC Leads

It is very easy to get too excited when a lead comes in and just glance over at it or skip the qualification process altogether. However, lead qualification is the critical part of the buyer’s journey through the sales funnel that is frequently overlooked. Especially for HVAC installations, which are among the highest costing home improvement projects, qualifying your leads is essential. Verifying customer information, making sure they are a good fit for your business, and warming up the lead are all key aspects of the lead management process that enables sales teams to do their job in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

Below are some of the best tactics we have seen to qualify leads:

  • Engage your lead right away – It’s critical to respond to all leads within minutes. When your company is fresh on their mind after visiting your website or are reviewing your marketing collateral, it is the best opportunity to speak to a lead. In fact, according to a study by Lead Response Management, your chance of connecting with a lead falls by 100x if contacted after 30 minutes compared to 5 minutes. 
  • Research leads before you call them – Perform a quick Google search on the person or the company, and don’t forget to look up their name in CRM, if you have one. This can help verify the customer’s information and oftentimes you can prequalify using this tactic alone. 
  • Have a pre-qualifying conversation with leads before sending them to sales – Before having a long sales meeting and pitch, it is important to have an intro conversation with the prospect to understand if they are a correct fit for your business and vice versa.

You can certainly improve your lead management on your own, especially implementing the techniques outlined in this article. However, by implementing a 24/7 modern contact center like Verse, you would be qualifying leads even better and converting them even faster. All you need to do is make the sale! is a next-generation lead conversion platform for engaging, qualifying, nurturing, and converting inbound leads into new clients for our HVAC customers. We serve as an extension of your team. Our AI technology and human concierges help businesses with processing new leads and re-engage old leads generated by your Marketing, book appointments with and make call transfers to your Sales, and make your company appear much bigger and more professional to your customers.

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