Marketing teams will tell you: if you want a quick win for your business, content marketing is not for you. It’s a lot of hard work and requires time and patience. But then Darren Hardy introduced something that might make you think twice about skipping out.

Right now, would you rather have $3 million or 1 penny that doubles in value for only 31 days?

Day 1: $3mil 1c
Day 5: $3mil 16c
Day 12: $3mil $20.56
Day 20: $3mil $5,243
Day 29: $3mil $2.7m

If you chose the $3 million, you’re realizing you made the wrong choice:

Day 31: $3mil $10,737,418.24

Content + Time + Consistency = More Reward

“Well, if I chose $3 million, I’d still be happy I ended up with $3 million.”

As a business, that’s a dangerous statement to make. Because ultimately, you’re saying you are willing to settle for less.

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Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum.

Darren Hardy

Content Marketing is King

Many of the greatest rewards in life take time and patience with little to no results up front. 

Content marketing is much the same. With consistency and time, customers grow to trust a brand and word-of-mouth becomes as easy as sharing a link or social media post. A tree takes a while to produce fruit. But once it does, it produces regularly. Think of your brand this way and understand these reasons why content builds your brand to produce fruit:

1. Content marketing isn’t superficial.

When building and creating content, you’re creating resources and expertise for consumers to use for themselves. Content marketing is essentially giving and giving to your consumers without asking. Then when the end of the year comes, you ask for something in return. You’ll notice people trust a brand when they’re treated like humans instead of a check.

2. Content marketing is cheap. 

Again, go back to the magic penny. If it is only a small investment manifested over time, it’s worth it. Compare this to spending on campaigns and advertisements. Content creation is free and social media platforms and blogs are, too!

3. Content makes your leads more likely to convert.

Believe it or not, content marketing is responsible for 6 times as many conversions as traditional marketing. It’s the difference between a warm and cold lead. Sales ends up loving marketing leads because they’re usually high-intent. Since they’ve been following along and have more of a “journey” toward purchase, these leads are low-hanging fruit for marketing to convert and for sales to close. 

4. Content spreads like wildfire.

Much like the penny doubled daily, so do the effects of content. After a year of consistent content marketing, you’ll notice your call-to-actions are sparking much more responses or leads. Per dollar, content marketing produces 3 times more leads. Even more so, as your customer base grows, so does customer referrals. It’s a win-win as the trust only further solidifies in your target customer. 

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